The Players' Choice Loyalty Rewards - back to amaze you!
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Internet Explorer 6 influencing Akamai
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Explore the grand Item Mall make-over!
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Special Purple Alchemy on October 11th
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Player's Choice Loyalty Rewards are back!
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Level 100 Mystery Boxes are 20% off for a day!
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Help pick items for Player's Choice Alchemy, coming October 11th!
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Crazy Raid
starts in 3 days
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The Chimera have returned! Part 4
starts in 15 hours
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Double Drop
starts in 1 days
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GSReserve's Random Event! (GS Event)
starts in 1 days
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1.5x EXP
starts in 2 days
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Can You Survive? (GS Event)
starts in 2 days
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The Sprite Marathon!
starts in 4 days
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