100% Magic Alchemy on monday 22nd December
Get more for your m-clays during these times on monday... Read More »
Christmas Flash sales on the 20th of December !
Amazing and exclusives offers ! ... Read More »
Players' Choice Alchemy on Saturday, December 20th!
Don't miss out!... Read More »
Special Holiday Maintenance Arrangements
Our maintenance times will change over the Holidays and New Year's Eve!... Read More »
Special Purple Alchemy on December 18th
It's time to reach for the highest levels!... Read More »
Server Maintenance, Wednesday, December 17th 2014
The servers will be down for a short while!... Read More »
The Mid of December Loyalty Rewards are ready for you!
Embrace Winter with fantastic new costumes and so much more! Only available this weekend!... Read More »
(Forum Event) Winter Writing Wonderland
ends in 5 days
Happy Christmas!... Read More »
(Forum Event) Christmas Challenge
ends in 4 days
Happy Christmas!... Read More »
(Forum Event) Santa's Wishlist & Twelves Days of Christmas
ends in 4 days
Happy Christmas!... Read More »
Crazy Battlefields!
starts in 23 hours
Polish your weapons, today the going gets tough!... Read More »
Christmas Party
starts in 2 days
Celebrate Christmas together!... Read More »
GSReserve's Random Event! (GS Event)
starts in 3 days
What will you experience this week?... Read More »
Double Drop
starts in 3 days
Double the fun and the items!... Read More »