New Tutorial: How to redeem your Tiered Spenders!
If you are having problems or are insecure, have a look at this video!... Read More »
Players' Choice Alchemy!
Now you have another chance to decide!... Read More »
20% off on the Summer Loot Wheel and Luxury Loot Wheel!
Until Tuesday 1pm GMT+2!... Read More »
Limited First Time Spenders' Package!
Receive an additional 5 M-Alch Clays (NT) for free!... Read More »
It's getting hot: The Mid of July Loyalty Rewards are here!
Put that perfect bikini figure to use and show off your new beach wear!... Read More »
The Grand Fantasia World Championship Event - The final results!
We have made it to 2nd place safely, well done!... Read More »
PvP Update: Some arenas had their numbers decreased!
More PvP fun for the levels 51-60 and 81-90!... Read More »
Create a Grand Fantasia themed Meme!
...and win clays!... Read More »
Double Drop
ends in 21 hours
Double the fun and the items!... Read More »
1.5x EXP
starts in 21 hours
Earn 1.5x EXP and level up!... Read More »
Can You Survive? (GS Event)
starts in 20 hours
The Deadly Elimination... Read More »
Crazy Raid
starts in 1 days
A free-for-all mob killing spree!... Read More »
PvP Tournament (GS Event)
starts in 1 days
Register on the forums! ... Read More »
Town Invasion!
starts in 2 days
Protect the town from monsters!... Read More »