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Double or Nothing Alchemy!
It's time to double up!!... Read More »
Nyan Cat Alchemy!
Nyan Nyan Nyannnnn... Read More »
BOOST -- 3x EXP and 2x Loot!
Time to grind. Go go go!... Read More »
Red Alchemy!
It's hot like fire!... Read More »
Livin' in a Fairy Tale Loyalty Rewards
Check out this great selection of rewards!... Read More »
Pinocchio Alchemy!
Be careful, don't fall into the branches!!... Read More »
Weekly Server Maintenance - 22.02.17 - Maintenance over
Update: The server is now back... Read More »
GS event - Guess that number
ends in 22 hours
Get guessing. Win prizes!... Read More »
Chimera Clash
starts in 1 days
The Chimera have woken once more! Prepare yourself to slay them, we will need Saphael’s true warriors!... Read More »
Weekly Raffle - Round Start & Results
starts in 6 hours
Gather items and win GM Wishes / Titles / Clays!... Read More »
Forum Event: Sentimental & Sweet
ends in 3 days
... Read More »