Special Purple Alchemy on November 25th
It's time to reach for the highest levels!... Read More »
Players' Choice Alchemy on saturday!
Don't miss out!... Read More »
The Wish Loot Wheen has arrived!
Challenge your luck with a spin!... Read More »
Create our next Loot Wheel with us!
Round and round and round goes the Loot Wheel!... Read More »
The Mid of November Loyalty Rewards are ready for you!
Say goodbye to Autumn with this amazing weekend Tiered Spender!... Read More »
New Game Sages have joined our GS Team!
Say hello to your new Game Sages!... Read More »
Server Patch Notes 11/12/2014
The Sprite Skill System, the Halloween Event, the Thanksgiving Event and many bug fixes have reached our server!... Read More »
A Different Kind of Elimination (GS Event)
starts in 1 hours
Do you have what it takes?... Read More »
Crazy Battlefields!
starts in 1 days
Polish your weapons, today the going gets tough!... Read More »
Find the GM!
starts in 1 days
The GM is hiding... can you find them?... Read More »
Town Invasion!
starts in 1 days
Protect the town from monsters!... Read More »
The Chimera have returned! Part 2
starts in 3 days
Fight the Chimera for a special title!... Read More »
Double Drop
starts in 4 days
Double the fun and the items!... Read More »
GSReserve's Random Event! (GS Event)
starts in 4 days
What will you experience this week?... Read More »