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Double or Nothing Alchemy - Mon 11th of December
Casino time!... Read More »
Supreme Alchemy - Sun 10th of December
The best beyond the best!... Read More »
GS Alchemy - Sat 9th of December
The power of the Sages combined!... Read More »
Clay Alchemy - Friday 8th of December
Time for your clay bath Ladies and Gents! ... Read More »
SANCTUM - Santa is coming!
8th December to 12th December, 5:00 AM (server time)... Read More »
IMPORTANT: Siwa Purchases and Loyalty Programs
Please read this post if you are playing in PT/ES/FR or US Sanctum and also in Siwa!... Read More »
FIXED Localization and Event Issues!
We are aware the maintenance of today brought up some issues, we are working on it and all of those will be fixed in 1 week!... Read More »
Advent Calendar - 12th December
ends in 12 hours
Read here to find out today's challenge!... Read More »
Halloween Events !!! let's get spooky :s
Little sum up of what awaits you...... Read More »
Chimera Clash - Today in the GM Map!
The Chimera have woken once more! Prepare yourself to slay them, we will need Saphael’s true warriors!... Read More »
Crazy Raid
A free-for-all mob killing spree!... Read More »

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