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Never purchased AP? Now is the time! Buy at least 500 AP in our store and you will receive 500 for free!... Read More »
The Secret Revealed: The Grand Fantasia World Tournament begins NOW
Battle other nations together with your friends and become the World Champion of Grand Fantasia... Read More »
Crazy Random Alchemy Day on Wednesday!
The most exciting Alchemy day is about to come!... Read More »
Help us create April's Players' Choice Alchemy! Round 2!
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Level 100 Legacy Alchemy on Wednesday!
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Help us create April's Players' Choice Alchemy!
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Special 100% Alchemy on Saturday, April 4th
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Double Drop
ends in 15 hours
Double the fun and the items!... Read More »
1.5x EXP
starts in 15 hours
Earn 1.5x EXP and level up!... Read More »
Ghost and Alice's Terrifying Trivia! (GS Event)
starts in 19 hours
A brand-new weekly trivia awaits you!... Read More »
Can You Survive? (GS Event)
starts in 14 hours
The Deadly Elimination... Read More »
Crazy Battlefields!
starts in 3 days
Polish your weapons, today the going gets tough!... Read More »
Server Maintenance
starts in 4 days
The servers will be down for a short while!... Read More »
Crazy Raid
starts in 5 days
A free-for-all mob killing spree!... Read More »

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