Special Purple Alchemy on March 27th, 2015
It's time to reach for the highest levels!... Read More »
Experiencing Freezes or DCs on the arena loading screens?
Join a test on thursday so we can fix this!... Read More »
100% Magic Alchemy on Saturday, 21st March
Get more for your m-clays during these times on Saturday... Read More »
Special Colorful Alchemy on Thursday, March 19th!
This special table will bring color into your life!... Read More »
PvP Arena update!
We have received your feedback!... Read More »
St. Patrick's Day is coming with specials for you!
Get Green Tiger Combat Mounts, MFI 7s, Nuclei and so much more!... Read More »
Players' Choice Alchemy on Saturday, March 14th
All your items in one table!... Read More »
GSReserve's Random Event! (GS Event)
starts in 50 minutes
What will you experience this week?... Read More »
Double Drop
starts in 50 minutes
Double the fun and the items!... Read More »
Can You Survive? (GS Event)
starts in 23 hours
The Deadly Elimination... Read More »
1.5x EXP
starts in 1 days
Earn 1.5x EXP and level up!... Read More »
Crazy Battlefields!
starts in 4 days
Polish your weapons, today the going gets tough!... Read More »
Crazy Raid
starts in 2 days
A free-for-all mob killing spree!... Read More »
Create a Grand Fantasia themed Meme!
...and win clays!... Read More »