Bringing back Candies in PvP and Dungeons?

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  • Candies back in PvP and Dungeons? 38

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    As most of us know Candy (The transformation Buff) got removed 1 - 2 years ago, for no good reason. Candy werent even bad since you could counter some very annoying CCs from Shinigami for example. Overall it just made PvP more fun for the players.

    The removal of Candies also made some classes completly useless or weaker compared to the rest. (Compare the Animations from Gunner with Warlock, lol).
    Also there were a Strawpoll 2 years ago and you just see from it that 90% of the people wanted it back.

    Anyways here some other reasons why Candy should be back in PvP by TheMan :

    "Firstly: There is and helpful balance to candies as well in the transform mechanics. Most classes have access to a skill or a stone that can revert classes back to their self. Thereby making the other player use another candy and having to buy more from the ap shop enabling for more profit for the game itself since people will be buying candy from the ap shop with ap once there candy has ran out.

    Secondly Candies Are a great solid way to help make the game easier. You can put them in the ap store to make money off of them, all that needs to be done is a update where they dont break the mech classes. They need to be reinstated into dungeons and vfs, simply because dungeons don't really effect the game. Candies in pvp help to balance as well because

    someone using candy cant access a cbm

    Thirdly arena a lot more intense and unpredictable while in candy due to the instant animations you never know when a player
    will shroom you etc and arena so you have to somehow be ready for it when and outcome like that would happen which is what makes the
    arena intense a good example of this is in this video here 7:48
    this Templar was caught red handed with a shroom and got
    blasted with the instant animations and thus was taken down
    with no candies it's easy to predict when someone is going do
    something since everyone has and animation thus incidents

    like this rarely happens arena is not intense at all like that when you know something is going happen to you before it's even done.

    Fourthly Every class benefits from using candy some classes have slower animations then others a good example are the physical classes Warlord/Darkstalkers there animation is slow compared to the likes of and Archmage and Demonologist using candy negates that factor a few friends of mine use to play the warlord and Darkstalker branch class in pvp a lot but because of the removal of candy they rarely use them anymore as they allowed those classes to compete since it even out the difference in animation since there is no longer and issue between who has the fastest animation since everyone while using candy is now equal allowing for no class to have and advantage in animation over the other

    Fifth : Arena is a lot more fast paced with candies since everyone has instant animations people are dying faster people and capping the crystal quicker this makes for easier points so anyone trying to farm pvp set can be farmed a lot easier so it's less time consuming for people which helps a lot. Candy also helps when players get rooted/stunned/dizzy'd by everything under the sun as it lessen the amount of time by a bit and players are more then likely going to go for the kill with candy since the opportunity is there it's more open.

    Sixth Candies is what was keeping pve active when candies was still in the game there was a large amount of people farming dungeons on a regular and they will also be implementing candy to the grind allowing them to have quicker dungeon runs allowing them to farm gold quicker. Getting gold is hard enough as it is unless your at a certain level and dungeon farming is definitely quite tedious especially if your doing and absurd amount of runs with candy it allows the dungeons farming to be substantially better then before which is needed because when your doing over 10+ runs you want to be able to do your dungeons as quick as possible to preserve time. With candies it doesn't make it seem time consuming but more fun since it's being completed in such a quick time frame the players won't mind doing it again since there doing the dungeons with absolute ease.

    Seventh: Candies allows for certain builds to be used in arena due to the fact that you have no animations your able to use certain talent combos which slow down your attack speed which wouldn't be able to be done without them which helps with when your fighting a certain branch in arena. Furthermore the candies itself gives benefits a good example is the Yellow Halloween Candy and Red Halloween Candy the Yellow Halloween candy gives 5% physical and magical damage reduction which helps lower the damage of what you would take in pvp and pve which is helpful. You have the Red Halloween candy which gives 3% leech hp so if I'm for example going to solo a dungeon and I was about to die I can just transform into my red candy and leech of the boss or mob I'm attacking."

  • ill just like to further add that if candy ever does come back Gunner rapidly fast animation in candy should be nerf down quite a bit since their animation with it can be use to abuse certain rings with no cooldown which wouldn't be pretty for any class in arena at all. Better said now then if candy did come back and there's already issues within the first week.

  • I'm not sure if its good idea to bring them back in pvp, however, id like to have them back in pve atleast. Dungeons and VFS with candy would be so much better. If TW can use them, why cant we? ?(

  • Well i was a long time a friend of candies in pve also in pvp but we have tbh since this time a lot of stuff happened and was updated also new content was released. Candies were a try to fix the bad animations of some classes which make them boring to play in any part of this game. I played most of all classes, more than the half in 100 PvP active and definetely dont want them to come back cuz it benefits some classes which need an animation boost but also makes some classes, which obv. dont need more nerf, weaker. Instead of addding candies back to the game the already a long time ago needed animation update of ALL classes should maybe be done. Candies also made a lot of people stop playing their class, sure cuz buttonsmashing and killing players with not knowing what you do isnt possible anymore. Better animations obv. make pvp smoother also you were able to use the proccs with 5 sec duration cuz you dont had 3 sec animation. Addind them to pve would also be bad cuz classes like druid which cant use them dont benefit in any way and are already nerfed as hell in 91+ since defdowns dont work on any dungeon boss.

  • interesting points you all have some a lot unclear compared to the others but nonetheless I do see where your points lie. Mozeps I don't see how candy can make anyone weaker if anything everyone benefits some a lot more then others and you know who benefits the most x-legends you say adding them to pve would be bad to druids not at all since druids can use candy in there human form and just aoe mobs while in staff with little to none animation time which will definitely help a lot since procing multiple staffs/weapons in dungeons becomes a lot easier but I'm only talking about if there grinding if it's bosses pretty sure they won't be doing that. If I'm wrong tell me this is all a learning process ill explain if you want me to but most likely you know already.. x-legends doing and animation update on all the classes seems easier said then done there's still some items/costumes in the game which isn't even archiveable yet. Bringing back candies is a much easier solution and x-legends doesn't need to do anything except what I mentioned above nerfing the gunner attack speed in it and that's really it all classes will have equal animation and i'm pretty sure this can be done easily.

    I don't know if anyone has realised this but pve literally became nearly completely dead when candies got removed candies coming back would likely revive pve

  • Mozeps point is based on the fact druid has animation in his forms so can't use candy unless you wanna end with a washed up AA as for doing anything else(damage etc) they need to change form or the fact that candies kinda blocks ranged autoattacks from ranged classes so classes like predator which even right now isn't that strong with candies back would lose both mobility(which is one of the predator main points) and DPS . Also the no animation mechanics sinergize way too well with no cooldown from overclocks which means that while a shinobi will use his burst for a few secs and then have a lower damage output (like they're doing now on ninja transform) a mm or a gunner with overclock can permaspam his skill hitting as many times as the button is pressed. After fear got nerfed i feel like pvp candies are not a must anymore while for pve they're great.While some animation on some important skills like destroyer armor crack should be a little bit faster for most other skills they're put there to balance out the output a class can dash out like for example mm 100% triple skill that with classing the skill and getting the triples get also a much slower animation. Classes like predator for example doesn't have much animations cause they're the class that it's supposed to be fast at attacking while casters have midfast animations cause there is already the cast time mechanic to slow em down unless they learn how to chaincast. If anything it's the mount animations that are fked up but without a overall rework on most classes i think there is no way we can throw the candies back in saying "yeah fine it's the same for everyone"

  • I won't chime in on the other points, as unfortunately I lack the time.

    However there is one particular point I do wish to address:

    The idea that candies were introduced to help balance some classes has been a concept that had been introduced a few times in this thread.

    While this may be an effect that has occured on some classes due to their introduction, do you really think that was the intended effect?

    It would seem to be rather odd that an obscure consumable item introduced only with a Halloween event (Mclay tables aside, as those are Aeria's doing, not X-Legends) was meant to be a commonly used item that was introduced primarily for the purpose of helping aid particular classes in PvP.

    If it were not for the tables that Aeria introduced with them on it, this would be impossible, as supply would quickly dry up after the Halloween event ended.

    Would it not be better to address these animation issues directly, instead of relying on such an item to fix them?

    As you have said above Roryn, it's not the same for everyone.

  • Druids animation on there forms need to be improved indeed but even if they can't use candy there mobility is vastly superior to majority of the classes while there in bird form if anything druids bird animation needs to be somewhat faster then what it is . but even so if need be they can still support very well if they wanted to in candy calling them a washed up AA is a bit of a stretch lower brackets candies on the druid class do help but don't want to go into detail on that so it's not entirely useless for them . I don't think any predator would bother use candy in arena as they lose a considerable amount of mobility to begin with its much easy to catch a predator in candy then it is in mount furthermore other classes which will use candy to will also lose mobility so there's no issue here everyone will be considerably slower using it then they were in mount so there really isn't any disadvantage here at all , like you said they have no auto ranged auto attack which I'm assuming can be fixed rather easily so this isn't really a major problem but even then they're a lot better on mounts. I can't speak for the archer branch class as I do not play it myself but it's from what i have seen in arena. MM with candy and the ability to use overclock shouldn't be that much of and issue with the - pen implemented they shouldn't be doing crazy damage as they did before the only issue I see would be the gunners in candy as they can fire about 50-100 hits in under a few seconds. As I mentioned before they can nerfed the gunner animation in candy stopping them from being able to fire that many shots in a second . Tell me if I'm wrong but I feel like your hesitant Roryn due to the fact of the issue with gunners if it wasn't that I'm sure your opinion would change if that's the case I totally understand where you're coming from.

    Yeah you're right Darkshade it is pretty odd but even so there was little to no issues anyone had with candy back then if anything it did more good then harm and it was for everyone. Also do you really think x-legends or Aeria would address all these animation issues directly that would take a portion amount of time which makes me wonder would they even bother? Relying on candy is the most easiest way to fix them and the issues that lie in candy can definitely be fixed a lot easier a few little tweaks e.g nerfing the gunner attack speed in candy and allowing Predators to auto hit in candy compared to them revamping the animation on classes to begin with and top of that Aeria would earn money to as people would be buying candies from the ap store and you know as well as me they benefit a lot more from this then doing what you suggested.