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    Finally the GFWT NEWS IS HERE! take a look to the RULES and all the requirements!! REGISTER YOU TEAM, & ENTER IN SAPHAEL's HISTORY !! 2694.png⚔️1f911.png?1f3c6.png?

    >> https://grandfantasia.aeriagames.com/node/1412 <<

    Welcome to the 3rd edition of the Grand Fantasia World Tournament (GFWT), Sprite Messengers!
    ''Revenge is a dish best served cold!!''

    What is the GFWT?

    The GFWT is a large-scale PvP tournament that will ultimately decide who are the strongest PvP players in all of Saphael – worldwide! This means that you will have the possibility to clash with other nations like Latin American countries, Portugal, Brazil or France together with your friends.

    The Tournament will be divided in two parts – the Local Preliminaries and the International Finals.

    The Local Preliminaries:
    The rules will be slightly different this time! Last year, we asked all players to create a specific account in order to participate to the tournament. This time, all players between level 91 to 100 are welcome to join the battle:

    • You have 1 month to level any character on your account to level 91! (minimum)..
    • Your account, character and team must be registered by 28 of September 2018 at 0:00 am !
    • You can level up in any way you like, even together with your friends! (Normal server rules still apply)
    • There are no restrictions on how you gear your character.

    After the preparation period of approximately 1 month starting from NOW,

    your CMs will set up the Preliminaries Battles.

    The name change service is officially closed for the whole time of the tournament.

    You are only allowed to register with 1 character.

    Local Match Rules:

    • Each team may register 5 players (This means one character per account and never 2) but matches are played as 4 against 4.
    • The extra player may act as a substitute and teams are allowed to switch around players to strategize as needed. NOTE If you are missing a team player your extra player must play. If you are missing any amount of players your team must still play whether it is 3x4, 2x4 or 1x4.
    • Each team may only have 1 member of the Machinist or 1 member of the Traveler class branch. (It is forbidden to have 2 from the Machinist branch or 2 from the Traveler branch or 1 Machinist + 1 Traveler). No team may have a duplicate of any class (Example: 2 Destroyers or 2 Shinobis).
    • Participants are allowed to level up a new character or use an already existing one. The characters must be L91-100 on the day of the tournament to participate.
    • The AP prize reward is divided amongst all 5 team members; the statues are created for the 4 most active players on a team (those who play the most matches).
    • Your team may select 5 types of consumables and are limited to only those. The potions will the same for all teams. The CM will provide the consumables and potions, please do not have any consumables or potions in your character's bag
    • Candy, Masks, Sprite Island buffs are not allowed. GM Titles are allowed.
    • Please do not enter any arena on the day of the tournament, the CM will invite your team to the tournament location.
    • Nuclei, Timed Event items or Vile-fiend Spire Consumables of any kind are prohibited.

    Team Composition:
    There can be only type of class per team and only ONE of the new Mechanic or Wanderer. (You cannot have a MechMaster and Key Masteron the same team)

    What does it mean? There are in Saphaël a total of 12 classes and 6 branches, apart from the Mechanic or Wanderer branch, you can have one of each of the other classes. There's a total of over 3000 theoretical team combinations:

    • Warrior
    • Archer
    • Mage
    • Priest
    • Machinist
    • Drifter

    Local Preleminary Prizes:

    1er GM_Wish_TS.jpg X4 1 GM Wish for every Team member of the winning team
    2ème Fortification Packages +18 Everything you need to fortified your weapon or armor +18 :

    x741865.jpgMaster's Fortified Inscription Lv. 1

    x341865.jpgMaster's Fortified Inscription Lv. 2

    x341865.jpgMaster's Fortified Inscription Lv. 3

    x241865.jpgMaster's Fortified Inscription Lv. 4

    x1MastersFortifiedInscription5NT.jpgMaster's Fortified Inscription Lv. 5

    x1MastersFortifiedInscription5NT.jpgMaster's Fortified Inscription Lv. 6

    x1MastersFortifiedInscription5NT.jpgMaster's Fortified Inscription Lv. 7

    x15genericpack.gifGrade A Attack Upgrade Scroll

    x15genericpack.gifGrade A Defense Upgrade Scroll

    x2genericpack.gifGrade S Attack Upgrade Scroll

    x2genericpack.gifGrade S Defense Upgrade Scroll

    International Finals Rules:

    Congratulations for making it to the International fights! You will represent your server and region in a battle for fame and glory.

    • There will be 5 total finalists, one from each region: US, FR, ES and PT.
    • All battles will be streamed live on the Internet and commented by the GMs.
    • All battles will take place on the English Server (GFUS).
    • You will be able to choose the name of your character and some specific equipment.
    • The GM Team will provide the characters and equipment for all the finalists.
    • You are only allowed to use the gear and items provided by the GMs. Using other items or leveling up provided gear will automatically disqualify you from the tournament.
    • You will be able to set the Mastery Points, Skills, Talents etc. for your designated character.
    • The Match rules are the same as for the Local Preliminaries except for the direct elimination.
    • All countries will face each other once.
    • Each Match will be decided by a “best of 3” battle format.
    • You win, you earn 3 points! If you lose, you get 0 points. A draw (very unlikely to happen) will grant 1 point to both countries.
    • The team with the highest score will be crowned the Champion!



    • L3q9p.png Special GFWT axes Weapon costume of the GFWT’s Hammer for the winning team
    • L3q9p.png A New Special Combat Mount Each member of the winning team will receive their own CM
    • L3q9p.png The Title – Saphael’s World Champion

    • L3q9p.png A giant statue of your character in Kaslow on ALL Servers!

    • L3q9p.png 1,000,000 ap_32x32.png250.000 AP for each member of the winning team!

    Inscription !