GF End of the Year Launcher Competition!

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  • The End of the year season is here!

    and the Siberian cold too, hot chocolate and warm outfits ;)

    And Grand Fantasia is no exception!

    This time we want to decorate the game launcher in the best possible way, and that's your role Messengers,

    to create and incredible New Year's Eve design that is going to be used in the game launcher....

    How to participate?

    Create an image related to Grand Fantasia and with Christmas Time! You can use maps, Sprites, Mounts, etc as long as it has a little red and snow ;)

    (*We reserve the right no to add it if not enough submissions)


    1st Place: Combat mount + Be part of the launcher + Eternal Parex's love <3

    2nd Place: A set of three costumes (Head, body, back)

    3thrd Place: Title of your choice

    (All the rewards have to be included in the GM wish List)


    The event starts now until Friday 4th of January :)


    - The image must be 694 x 419 - Una submission per person - Only Grand Fantasia related creations - You must post your entry in this thread - Any copyright infringement or piracy is absolutely forbidden. Your designs should be just creative, not done on pains, not a screenshot.... just do YOUR own crazy stuff. Gimme crazy :D

    - Must be about New Year 2019!!


    - Every submission to this contest can and will be used by Aeria Games for promotional purposes.

    - We reserve the right to disqualify any design that may breach the rules of the contest or our ToS!

    Kiss <3

    Now, is time to show your designs!!

  • Poor Parex. :< No entries? I'll take pity on you. ♥ winbydefaultyes?jk

    Here's a cute entry of a New Years Kiss. ♥ft.myfavouriteperson Click here for the gif version. Firework brushes are surprisingly fun but take awhile to make look good.