Dress Up: Sapheal

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    Discord Event <3

          The moon queen is always thinking of what makes an outfit truly unique and she wants you to step on the stage. Can you fair up to the competition! Dress your best to the theme of the week.

    Players will be given a theme to dress up by they will have 1 week do decide on their final look before entering.

    Time limit for entry Tuesday- Sunday 11:59pm Server time

    Monday will be for judging of the winner.

    Every Tuesday will be updated with a new theme.       

    Rules: Submit on the discord event channel.

    1 entry per person. Screenshot must be visible.

    Must add in game name beneath your image.


    Participants: Prize Is Subject To Change

    Winners of the Week:

    1st Place - Magic Alchemy Clay x25

    2nd Place - Magic Alchemy Clay x15

    3rd Place - Magic Alchemy Clay x10

    All participants will be added to a raffle for a chance to win an archivable costume or cbm.

    Week 12 Theme: Cute As A Bunny

    Week 11 Theme: Let It Snow

    1st Place: Asterella

    2nd Place: Syrene

    3rd Place: Lescanthe

    Raffle Winner: Shiyua

    Week 10 Theme: Under Da Sea

    1st Place: Norii

    2nd Place: Thunderlord

    3rd Place: Divine

    Raffle Winner: Asterella

    Week 9 Theme: Knights Unite!

    1st Place: XxSLASHZxX

    2nd Place: LadyFr3ya

    3rd Place: Thunderlord

    Raffle Winner: Sinmin

    Week 8 Theme: At The Academy

    1st Place: Anisuu

    2nd Place: Nofe

    3rd Place: Nyx

    Raffle Winner: Konekochanx3

    Week 7 Theme: Argh! Ye A Pirate

    1st Place: Gids

    2nd Place: Asterella

    3rd Place: Zirr

    Raffle Winner: Yume823