GM Wish excluded items

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  • Hello Messengers!

    In order to improve the gameplay and help balancing the game, we have decided to exclude the following items from the list of the GM wishables.

    This list goes on top of the items already excluded previously for different reasons and will be effective from October's Loyalty Rewards.

    - Items exclusive from the Vilefiend Spire

    - Items from the PvP Weapons Box

    - Ranking Rewards

    - Level 6 Talents & Blueprints

    - Level 3 Ancient Talents & Blueprints

    - Ultimate Scrolls

    - Exclusive items from Special Events such as World Tournaments

    - All temporary versions of non available items

    - Some Nuclei

    • Galactic Formulas
    • Galactic Nuclei
    • Deep Sea Fanatasy Nuclei
    • Divine Protection

    - Exclusive Reincarnation Items

    • Precious Nucleus Box
    • Precious Strength Nucleus
    • Precious Vitality Nucleus
    • Precious Intelligence Nucleus
    • Precious Willpower Nucleus
    • Precious Agility Nucleus
    • Dark Sprite Hat
    • Witty Sprite Hat
    • Skeletal Battle Deathdragon
    • Skeletal Deathdragon
    • Dark Sprite Costume
    • Witty Sprite Costume
    • Midas's Touch
    • Anima Shard of Recovery
    • Anima Shard of Versatility
    • Anima Shard of Assassination
    • Anima Shard of Subtly
    • Anima Shard of Swiftness
    • Anima Shard of Sorcery
    • Anima Shard of Fortitude
    • Anima Shard of Truestrike
    • Stone of Ascension

    - Blue Bay Blessing stone

    - Holy Healing stone