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  • Questions:

    1] Melee or Ranged combat?

    1) Melee

    2) Ranged

    2] Physical or Magical

    1) Physical

    2) Magical

    3] Style in battle:

    1) Offensive

    2) Support

    3) Defensive, Midline or Hybrids

    Class Recommended Codes:

    Berserker: 1-1-1

    Paladin: 1-1-3, 1-2-3

    Ranger: 2-1-1

    Assassin: 1-1-1

    Cleric: 2-2-2

    Sage: 1-1-1, 2-2-3, 2-2-2

    Wizard: 2-2-1

    Necromancer: 2-2-1

    Brief Class Description:


    Berserker is a close combat fighter with amazing attack power. On level 30 (for Warrior) you will chose between Paladin and Berserker. While Paladin is focusing more on def and healing, Berserkers skills are primary Instant damage skills/Stuns or buffs that boost casters attack power/chance to hit/ attack speed etc.


    [Guide] Berserker Skill Guide by Sale


    Paladin is close combat fighter whos focusing more on defense, which doesn’t means that his attack power is low. With nice defensive buffs and heals, someone at some point will call you a "meat shield" or lets just say tank.


    [Guide] Paladin Skill Guide by Sale


    Ranger is physically based range fighter. Most of his skills are doing physical/natural damage and also slowing down the enemy. There are also buffs that are boosting his evasion and debuffs that are lowering enemies physical defense.


    Weasel Dodge: Cast this physical skill on self to leap away from an attacking enemy. The higher lvl of this skill, the further the distance jumped.

    Mongoose Reflexes: Physical skill cast on self that boost evade +XX% while this skill is active, and damage sustained from each regular attack –YY%.

    Blade of the Gales: Adds 1 charge point, deals regular attack effect and damage to the single enemy target, plus XXX pts of physical damage with YYY pts of additional natural damage, after casting.

    Meteor Shower: This finishing skill requires charges. After casting, all enemy units in the 10 meter radius within enemy target will sustain damage and fall into Slowed 3 state for Y sec. (the more charges you have the more pts of physical damage will be added to your standard attack).

    Basilisk Shot: Deals regular effect and damage to single enemy target plus XXX pts physical damage and cause target to fall into Slowed 3 state.

    Swallow’s Glide Shot: Adds 1 charge point, after applying skill, cause single enemy target to recive regular attack and XXX pts of physical injury, YY% probability of occurrence of 2 injuries, ZZ% probability of injury occurring 3 times.

    Pierce Hide: Adds 1 charge point, deals regular attack effects and damage to a single enemy target, plus XXX pts of physical damage, can reduce target’s physical defense ability by YY% after casting.


    Assassin is melee fighter with nice evasion that’s able to cause huge amount of damage during short period of time. Also, stealth skills are giving him a chance to land an unexpected attacks on enemy.


    [Guide] Assassin Skill Guide by Sale


    Sage is awesome hybrid. In his human form, it can do magical/natural damage on enemies and also healing his allies. Also later on, sage can transform into 3 different animals: Wolf, Bird and Gorilla.


    Rose Blessing: Cause a single friendly target to have a XX% chance of reflecting and YY% of sustained damage back to the attacker after casting.

    Earth’s Gasp: After casting, players can let the single target of enemy not able to move within the effective time.

    Nature’s Wrath: Charges are required to cast a magic finishing skill. All enemies within an 8 meters radius around you will become Dizzy, and it will cause the damage. (Damage is based on how many charges you used.)

    Spirit Mend: Able to instantaneously restore a single friendly target’s hp for XXX-YYY pts, and also restore ZZZ hp every 2 sec while this skill is active.

    Swift Blade Serenade: Adds 1 charge point, will cause XXX pts of magic damage and YYY pts of natural damage to a single enemy target.

    Sandstorm: Adds 1 charge point, after applying skill, cause single enemy target XXX pts of magic injury/damage, there may be retreat and faint effect due to quake.

    Nature’s Bounty: This finishing skill requires charges. After casting, all friendly units within a 10 meter radius of oneself will receive XXX-YYY pts of healing, and restore ZZZ hp every 2 sec for the following amount of time. (Effective time depends on number of charges you used)

    Puppet Dance: After casting, turn a single enemy target of a lvl XX or below into a wooden figure, which will attack all monsters in proximity on his own within effective period and can only transform into monster at any given time, cant be used in combat and is ineffective on monsters that are already in combat.


    Wizard is a caster with very powerful elemental nukes which makes him awesome DPS. Beside just pure magical/elemental damage, with his spells wizard can also leave some of the additional effects on enemy like Burning, Exhaustion, Stun etc…


    Wizard Skill Guide by AKFrost


    Necromancer is caster with an ability to summon undead creatures. Part of his spells are based on direct magic/dark damage, while other part are the curses that weaken opponents.


    Necromancer Skill Guide by AKFrost


    Cleric is main support class. Its ability to heal injures and make allies stronger by buffing them, makes him welcome to every party. Also, even tho its support class, Cleric has couple smite skills that can do magical/holy damage on opponent.


    Healing prayer: Able to restore a single friendly target’s hp for XXXX-YYYY pts. Aura gauge 1 point increase.

    Prayer restore: Able to restore a single friendly target’s hp for XXX-YYY pts, and also restore ZZZ hp every 2 sec while this skill is active.

    Prayer for relief: Instantly restores a single friendly target's hp for XXXX-YYYY pts.

    Bullet Kiyoshi Akira: Magic Attack Skill. The gauge can be increased by one point aura. Deals XXX magical damage to single enemy and YYY holy damage. It also has 10% chance of getting target into Silence state.

    Disciplinary Hammer: Magic Attack Skill. The gauge can be increased by one point aura. It hits a single enemy for XXX magic damage and has 50% chance to put enemy into Stun state.

    Guilty mind: After casting all enemy units within an 8 meter radius of oneself will will suffer XXX damage and get slowed down to 40%.

    Hammer referee: Cause single enemy target XXX pts of physical injury/damage and +YYY damage points. Also stops the enemy and puts it into Confusion state.

    Pawaraizu: Boosts single ally's attack power by XX%.

    Magic of anti Kaji: Boosts single ally's magic defense by XX%.

    Additional Informations:

    Detailed information on all classes

    Special thanks to:



    Note: Guide is based on current facts and informations and its not completed yet, so it will be updated as the game goes on. Also, if you have any informations to that could be used, feel free to leave them here xD

  • Where are the new classes?

    Idea: You can probably remove the 'Skills' section as there is an ingame skills guide now.

    Engineer: 1-1-1

    Demolitionist: 2-1-1, can be 1-2-1 after obtaining Fire Overclock (66+).

    Engineer Description:

    Engineer is a very capable mecha branch melee class. While able to deal melee and ranged damage through skills normally it has the capability to deal large amounts of AoE damage through it's overclock skill.

    Demolitionist Description:

    Demolitionist is the ranged line of the mecha branch. It is able to use a few normal range and melee skills and has a power ice-based overclock skill that lets it shoot ice missiles at enemies.

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