Crimsonited is recruiting!

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    Hello, we are Crimsonited, and we want you! If you're cool, that is.

    About us:

    • We are a unity of Bodor's and Gaia's largest guilds!
    • We are currently a level 10 guild, with Alice as our Sprite Queen.
    • One of the most active guilds (PvP, GvG, and socially).
    • We have a Discord server!

      also ...

    • Read our guild interview here!
    • We host several events such as this!
    • Some GvG videos: x | xx | xxx
    • GF World Tournament video here!

    What we are currently looking for:

    • Active players.
    • Must be LEVEL 91+ and willing to level.
    • Highly preferred if rebirthed (exceptions can be made).
    • Active for GvG.
    • Only main characters are allowed. Once you are accepted with your main, you can then have your alts recruited too.
    • People with a sense of humor.
    • And last but certainly not least, please have fun!

    Who to contact about recruitment:

    • michelleurs ; konyo / mishiii
    • Nadeen ; Alluka / Dextera
    • Reptar ; Reptar
    • Seloria
    • Mel ; [GS]Mel

    or simply reply to this post!


    Please note that once you post here or contact somebody, you have to be voted into the guild, meaning that it is not guaranteed that you will be inside the guild, as you to be voted in. Voting takes up to 3 days so please be patient.

    Thank you and good luck applying!