Mystic(al) Questions :)

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  • Hey everyone,

    i have some questions about the mystic.

    Actually i have a lvl 74 mystic but im not satisfied with it.

    My Gear:

    70 Purple 1H Hammer +15 ( Melee Attack +% Stones inlayed )

    70 Yellow 1H Hammer + 15 ( No stones)

    75 Purple 1H Hammer +15 ( Melee Attack +% Stones inlayed )

    70 Orange Set

    70 Yellow Relic

    70 Attack Speed and STR Jewellery

    Many Nucleus and Bufffood to push my character temporary

    So now my Question:

    Which gear i have to craft and what can i do to make my mystic better in pve and later PVP?

    Thanks for your Help <3

    So und nun noch einmal auf Deutsch

    Hallo zusammen,

    ich habe ein paar fragen zum Mystiker.

    Aktuell habe ich einen lvl 74er Mystiker, bin aber nicht wirklich zufrieden mit ihm.

    Mein Equipment habe ich oben ja bereits gepostet, daher nun zu meiner Frage:

    Was kann ich tun / bauen etc. um meinen Mystiker stärker zu machen da ich mit ihm sowohl PT als auch MPT solo machen möchte.

    Diverse Nucleus und Bufffood besitze ich aber es wäre Prima wenn mich hier ein erfahrener Mystiker etwas unterstützen könnten.

    Besten Dank und vielen Dank schon einmal für eure Hilfe.

    Beste Grüße


  • Are you planning to camp 80 ?

    70 sprite set is by far the worst PvE set at 7x, it doesnt give you any offensive power. Even blue PT gear is superior to that set, as they give crit dmg. You should definitely replace it with either 75 sprite set (good for pve) or 80 yellow / 75 pvp set (good sets for both pve/pvp).

    Can you reach max crit damage (which is 150%) with your current gear ? If you cant, consider getting a precision stone & purple relic. You will have good crit rate in wolf form, so increasing your crit damage will give some nice damage boost. Also get to 75 and do your crit damage mastery, 30% crit dmg is really helpful.

    I'm not a fan of 2x 1h hammers, but since they are already forted and stoned, you should keep using them for now. 70 yellow 1h is mostly for pvp.

  • Hey HIi...

    A question ! I currently have my Mystic lvl 75, but I do not know what emblems and sprite clothes should I equip? I just took the set pvp 75 .. could you help me a little please? I have several questions about how to fix and that is very important thanks :)

    Sorry i used translator :p

    Ty for all <3!!

  • Yes, what did you need help with?

    Also I largely agree with Madrize. It's possible to do dungeons like PT fairly easily on mystic.

    I made a video where I run over my gear as I do a run. This is a very basic mystic (no reborn, no costume etc) and level 2 trivia buff:


    No need even for the purple relic. You'll get similar run speeds even with the yellow, but the paralyze near Kushan will be annoying. Instead of being +17 armour, being reborn and +12-15 should be enough.^^

  • ohh... other question xD

    I just raised my pvp +15 set, and my defense does not even reach the 6k ... how should I cultivate and what should my defense do to get past 8k?

    I do not have the 2-hand mallet .. I was about to create the triple-hammer hit of a hand and combine it with the yellow flute of the king 65, king's light fang lvl 70 .. any suggestions I should make?


    different question ...

    Is it worth reincarnating before the high lvl?

    And thanks all :D

  • Cultivation: I always cultivated defense/Vit and Str/mdef on gear where possible and 15 defence mastery.

    For more defence: Instead of using the Frost Altar critical damage ancient talent (like I did) you can opt to use the 70 defence ancient talent from Magic Academy.

    2h Vs 1h: Sorry I cannot comment on 1h build for PT because I haven't tried it yet. I use 70 2H because the talent combo I have shown in the video gives me both attack and defence and the blast rune stone overcomes paralyze, plus since fortification were expensive when I first made mysti c I only wanted to fortify one weapon.


    Reincarnation: If it is a character you plan to use to make gold on I 100% recommend reincarnating as early as possible. You get more stats, more hp/mp from pots, some ancient talents are easier to get.

    Only reincarnate at 100 if it's a character you want to main.

  • my mistyc is my main and only character haha ...

    I need to leave it in 80 a while to get gold to fix for later :(

    or good I also have a magician 50 ... perhaps the main one returns, I have to think it well because although I like the magician, I love the mystic hahaha!

  • What are the best talent combinations that recommend for my sprites?


    and whats sprite need jajaja.. my first sprite is maze but is low lvl u.u ... whats is recomended buy for other 2 slot now ?

  • Sprite's don't use talents.

    I went relic + hammer + priest apparel. I don't really work on my main sprite either but I just make what I need and change the wild sprte.