GS Hunt

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  • Find the New GS's

    Event combined to celebrate the arrival of new GS's.

    All Game sage's hidden in a different map of Saphael. Hints will be given after 5 minutes of the start.

    The first player who find the Game sage, must send trade to him, print and send it on discord. The Game sage will do the rest.

    Prizes will be distributed to the first player who find each Game sage.

    We will have 2 rounds and 5 Game sages hidden, each round the first player who finds one GS will get x10 Magic Alchemy Clay

    1- Only the first players who send trade counts.

    2-Dont cheat or share locations.

    3- Do not spam with broadcasters.

    4-Only one account per player

    5- each winner will get the prizes in mailbox

    Event time: Saturday 03/03/18 17:00 (Server)

  • Good to see some events for Siwa, however I hope these will be more often as at this point Siwa needs daily events.

    Also you can make things more interesting by offering different rewards for finding different gs's, like, find GS X to get mfi3 x 5, find GS Y to get skb5 x 3.