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  • Hi guys,

    Here I’ll be explaining how to send a Request Ticket (RT)!

    RT’s are mainly sent to communicate an issue with your account, request a service or to make a report.

    Please note:

    *Sending multiple tickets will only slow down the response process, as they will be put at the back of the queue.

    **Make sure you spell your character name correctly, especially if they have a capital i, or lower case L.

    How do I create a ticket?

    Firstly, on the main website select the option “Contact Us”. You can find that under "Support, seen here:


    This will take you to the gamigo website:


    Click on “send a ticket”, located on the top left:


    You will then see a page with different games, search for “Grand Fantasia - EN”. It will take you to the RT form that you will need to fill out:


    All you then have to do is fill out the form with the correct information. Do not forget to fill out the textbox provided with as much information/evidence as you can.


    You can also use http://tiny.cc/gftix to get to the ticket website quickly.

    What if I can't find where this item drops or I have a question about the game?

    Have you checked out the Wikia or Database?

    The Wikia is currently a work in progress, but has a lot of useful information that is completed!

    • Saphael trivia
    • Talents and talent combos
    • World and guild bosses
    • Sprite Summons, all crafting information
    • Dungeon, quest information, and more!

    If you are unable to find the answer to your question, remember that you always have the option to contact a Game Sage.

    Where should I put my ideas to improve the game? What if I would like to see certain items on an alchemy table?

    Any gameplay suggestions should be made on the forum.

    Please post your suggestions for Sanctum and Siwa in the appropriate sections on the forum.

    For alchemy suggestions please post under m-alch suggestions on our Sanctum discord or Siwa discord .

    For GS events please contact a Game Sage.

    When is the next promotion? Will there be a themed alchemy table soon?

    Item mall promotions or themed alchemy tables are announced or posted as news, only the evening before they occur, or at the Game Master’s discretion. Scheduled times are posted in server time (EDT; check the clock below your minimap in-game.) Please do not press this information from a Game Master, your Game Sages have tried and failed each time.

    What if I found a bug on a piece of equipment, in a dungeon, a translation error, I'd like to be sure that my stuff works as it should!

    For bugs, start by looking to see if it affects other players. What is the issue? What does it affect? Please provide us with as much information (ID#s, locations, exact names, and why the issue is an issue). Please report bugs on the Sanctum discord or Siwa discord or report directly to a Game Sage.

    What if my GM Wish was not fulfilled as desired, the GM service I have purchased has not yet been completed, my event rewards or my Tiered Non-Spender rewards have not yet arrived? My ticket has not been answered yet!

    Please contact a Game Sage directly.

    What if I would like to become a Game Sage? Our current GS suck.

    We appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm in joining the team and their desire to help the community. However, Game Sage applications are opened on an as-needed basis and will be announced in-game as well as posted on the forums at the appropriate time. We are always looking for feedback so please feel free to provide feedback on Game Sages through a ticket!

    Keep in mind that ticket priority is determined by the community management.

    Remember that the more the ticket queue is loaded with unnecessary queries, the less time our Game Master will have to host events in-game, on the forum, or via Facebook, and indulge in other community related activities.

    We are hoping this guide will help other Sprite Messengers to maintain a lively and animated game!

    Good to Know

    • Tickets are processed in the order of arrival. The staff does their best to respond within 24 hours. Under certain circumstances this process can go up to 48 hours or more. A reminder that a GM is not always in on the weekends, as these are not considered business days.
    • You will receive a response to your ticket via the email you provided on the request ticket form. *Please check your spam folder for the response. Ensure the email you provide is spelled correctly and that you have access to it.*