Patch Notes [03/13/2018]

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    tl;dr at the bottom.

    New Gameplay Content:

    5 New Vilefiend Spire floors! (16-20)

    Have you ever wondered what's awaiting you above the 15th floor of Vilefiend Spire? Well, the door is open now, form parties with friends and challenge the new floors!


    More bosses, new achievements and incredible drops!

    What do you think about the new Runestones? Would you like to have one of these?


    After finishing each level, you will get sent a new material. Dobreau will love to exchange them for brand new Manuals!


    Come on, get ready and start climbing! The 20th Floor is waiting for you!



    Easter in Ilya!

    Spring is coming, the snow is melting and the flowers are starting to bloom!

    Let's chase rabbit nests and pick up the colored eggs in Ilya!


    To begin with the event, talk with the Collector Isher in Ilya. He's looking for somebody to help him retrieving some mysterious eggs.


    He'll give you two quests, you can help him finding and investigating the colored eggs that are appearing all around Ilya and check out what's inside.


    During the investigation, you'll get Ishter's Emblems, a new currency that you can use to purchase beautiful egg-rewards...


    Or you can exchange them for this new Title: "Easter Egg Collector"!


    Express your sophisticated and intellectual touch with this beautiful Harp!


    Fixes and changes:

    1- Event Removed:

    The Chinese New Year is history now!

    2- New daily login reward (day 6):

    Here is the new day N°6 daily login rewards...


    3- Boss Textures Fixed:

    The Statue King and Ruins Paladin appearance is normal again.

    4- COD mail fixed:

    Now you can retrieve 99999 99 99 gold from your COD sales.

    5- Penetration Reduction potions are available in game:

    There is a new NPC in the main cities now, the Potion Merchant.


    He will offer you two different kind of potions:

    - The Penetration DEF Potion gives you a 1% penetration reduction during 2 minutes, it's effect can be stacked up to 5 times. (You can buy only up to 10 of these potions per character per day)


    - The Greater Penetration DEF Potion gives a 5% penetration reduction during 5 minutes and can't be stacked.

    (You can buy only up to 5 of these potions per character per day)


    6- Specialization Reset Stones:

    You will find 4 new stones available for sale at the General Store Owner.


    Each of these stones allows you to reset one Specialization back to 0 points.



    - 5 New Vilefiend Spire floors.

    - New Vilefiend Spire Runestones and accessories.

    - Easter Event in Ilya.

    - New day 6 reward, from the daily login.

    - Boss Textures fixed.

    - Collecting 99999 99 99 gold from COD fixed.

    - Penetration Reduction Potions.

    - Specialization (mastery) reset stones.