Patch Notes [04/04/2018]

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    Gameplay Content:

    Infernal Condemned Island

    Meet Buka and Prian in Ilya, for a new adventure!

    Those fearless fellas will help you find out a brand-new lost place, not even marked on your map of Saphael!!


    The unknown and dreadful ''Infernal Condemned Island''!

    If you want to sail to this dark place, take your courage in both hands and talk to Buka! This one ain't afraid of nothing! He will show you the way to the sinister island!


    Chat with the smart lil' Prian, that boy knows the trading market like nobody else and will exchange your Evil Aura Coins for fabulous prizes!! Pretty sweet, no?!

    And if you are lucky enough you will maybe bump into a mysterious dark artifact..

    what could it be?!"


    Just one way to find out!! Sail to the Infernal Condemned Island!


    Water Festival! ''Splish Splosh''

    Spring is finally here, even if the weather is still pretty chilly, come join us in Ilya and don't forget your swimsuit!


    Meet sweet Idol Rinka and help her with her request, we promise you'll have fun... if you're not afraid to get wet!!

    Complete the Idol's requests, win new stuff and most importantly...


    ...gain Rikas's confidence and become her friend <3

    If you gain her trust, you will get a daaamn good new title!!

    The unique "Celebrate With Idol Title!"


    Didn't your mom tell you to never look into a women's purse, Messenger?

    What's inside?!


    Complete the missions and become the Idol's idol!


    Thankyou Mama Event <3

    Do you love your mama Messengers?!

    She deserves respect and admiration...

    And this Event is perfect to show her how much you are proud of being her daughter/son!!


    Go to see the elderly, Sir Merlin, aka Gandalf-da-man, and show him your strong will by scoring all 3 mini-quests like a boss!


    He will be a daaamn awed by such a mighty young spirit like yours :o

    Anyways let's get down to business... Mama is somewhat of a wishful fairy, ain't she?!

    Well, that sweet title certainly shows your admiration for her > win the ''Earthbound Fairy's title!" ...


    and of course cool consumables and stuff that you can send to mom if she plays GF <3


    There is nothing better than Mama's tasty delicacies!!MD2.jpg


    1- Event Removed:

    No more eggs for you, you ate 'em all, hungry Messengers!

    2- New daily login reward (day 6):

    Here is the new day N°6 daily login rewards...


    3- Archive Updated:

    A loooooot of items have finally been updated into the Archive!

    That's good news, you will be able to stock more costumes and mounts in your archive and empty your bags!


    4- Regen Bug Fixed:

    The Critical Regeneration talent cooldown is working properly now! Thanks for your feedbacks guys!

    5- Vilefiend Spire New Time Opening:

    To ensure a better game experience for everyone the GF Team:

    - Switched the first Opening time of the dungeon from 3pm (15:00 Server time) to 2pm (14:00 Server time)

    - We also implemented a new/2d Opening time at 8pm (20:00 Server time)

    So, from now on, you'll have 2 possible rounds to Challenge the monsters of the Tower!!

    AND... Many Item descriptions have been fixed and updated!!


    -Infernal Condemned Island

    -New Events "Water Festival" and "Thankyou Mama"

    -New Daily Login day 6 reward

    - Archive Update

    -Critical Regeneration talent fix

    -Vilefiend Sprite New Opening Times