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  • In Grand Fantasia, love doesn't just mean hugs and kisses. There's much, much more! We have a Lovers System built in that allows for buffs, items and even a 10% experience bonus exclusive to couples! Here’s a guide that will help you utilize the Lovers System!

    Guardian Sprites of Couples! Eros, Aphrodite, Hathor and Kosu!

    Eros and Aphrodite are both located in Kaslow (x:177, Y188) and Jale (x:249, y:209).


    Hathor and Kosu are in Ilya (x:234, y:42).


    They are here to share their vast knowledge of love and have information regarding the Lover System. They are also merchants where you can purchase exclusive items for couples using Lover Coins (more on this later).

    How to Become a Couple:

    You must first right-click on your beloveds’ icon and scroll down to Confess Love. Once he or she accepts, that’s it! You’re now a couple!


    Lovers Window/Tab:

    To access the Lovers Window/Tab press “o” then click on the Lovers Tab. This window has details about your lover including your anniversary date, length of your relationship, amount of Lover Coins (more on this in a bit), the pillow talk chat window (more on this in a bit), and where to Break Up a relationship.


    How to Breakup:

    Not all relationships work for the best and that’s what the break up is all about. On the bottom left of the Lovers Window, click Break Up. A prompt will then show up asking you to confirm that you will break up. The person who breaks up the relationship will then receive a debuff called Curse of the Heartless. This curse prevents you from becoming someone else’s lover for 24 hours. Also, you will lose all Lover Coins.




    Lover’s Whereabouts

    A couple can easily find each other on the same map by looking for the heart shaped icon! On the regional map, a pink triangular icon will show the location of your Lover.



    Experience Bonus

    While out adventuring couples earn a 10% bonus to experience gained from killing monsters!


    Pillow Talk

    Pillow talk allows the couple to send/receive messages that only each other can view/edit. This is accessed through the Lovers Window/Tab and found at the bottom portion of it.


    Lover Coins

    One of the best benefits to having an in game lover is the ability to gain 'Lover coins'. These coins allow you to purchase special buffs you can cast onto your in game partner, buy special potions and various other items. As stated previously, these items can be purchased from the Guardian Sprite of Couples.

    To gain Lover Coins you must kill rare mobs, dungeon bosses or world bosses such as the emissaries/heralds to earn reputation points. For every 20 points you earn 1 Lover Coin. There is also a weekly bonus awarded. The sum of the 2 Lovers’ levels divided by 20 determines the bonus.

    Here are a few examples that will give you an idea as to how many points/coins you earn from certain monsters:

    <Lunatic Doomsday Emissary>Sloths's Illusion Level 75 World Boss = 40 Reputation Points = 2 Lover Coins

    <Berserk Emissary>Lust's Madness Level 70 World Boss = 30 Reputation Points = 1.5 Lover Coins

    <Berserk Emissary>Gluttony's Madness Level 70 World Boss = 30 Reputation Points = 1.5 Lover Coins

    <Emissary of Doomsday>Hot-Blooded Ram Lust Level 60 World Boss = 20 Reputation points = 1 Lover Coin

    <Emissary's Avatar>Lust's Herald Level 40 World Boss = 6 Reputation Points

    <Giant Enemy Crab>Krudit Level 30 Dungeon "Main” Boss = 2 Reputation Points

    <Dark Watchdog>Rubis Level 24 Dungeon Boss = 1 Reputation Point

    <Watcher of Slaves>Xerxes Level 34 World Boss = 1 Reputation Point

    <Rollback Crustacean>Clawe-Inspiring Crab Level 26 Rare Zone Specific Mob = 1 Reputation Point

    Once you have accumulated enough Lover Coins, you can then use them to purchase items and spells from the Guardian Sprites of Couples.



    After purchasing a spell scroll and using it, you will be sent on a quest to actually receive the spell. Once received, the spell will show up in your Lover Window.


    Please note:

    ♡ When buying the lover buffs, take note that BOTH lovers have to buy abilities individually.

    ♡ When you learn a lover buff, it can only be cast on your lover, not on yourself.

    ♡ Lover buffs are retained after breaking up with a lover, but any unspent lover coins will be lost.

    ♡ You must learn buffs in level order (for example, if you wanted to learn Fierce Love 3, you must first learn level 1 and 2. You can't just go straight to level 3.

    ♡ Lover skills are bugged for rebirthed players, meaning if you have rebirthed with lv2 skill you will not be able to proceed to lv3. You will have to re-do them from lv1. (reported bug)

    Guide by GM8Bit, notes from LordRapthorne.

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