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    Guys, for the moment, they are really good souls and energy who have been interviewed.

    Process is still on, I am really confident we will have a really diversifies and helpful team soon.

    I will make sure that they are focus on Events first things and will help them to make it possible.

    It is promising.

    As AmayaAkane said, it doesn't matter the past, or the reputation of the Game Sages, as long as you will to improve the game experience of the game.

    I remind you that the 1st role and will of the AG staff is to keep the game you love sustainable and make sure you can access it in the better conditions.

    I close the topic now, because all was said and you made your Points iGeneric, Nofe95, God. I m not agreed with all but I heard it.

    ''the rules were those and you did not respect it'', hmmm , coming from someone who is that committed to the Games's regulations, it does make a lot of sense.

    Trolling aside, you look really concerned by this new GS topic.. Seriously, you should have applied, as I said before long-term reports could be skipped if you show enough motivation.

    It was a good opportunity to show to everyone how good ideas you could have developed with us.

    NoFe my dear, have you seen how long you can write here to spread negative feedback, and plus, on people you don't even know well?

    I am sorry but that exactly what I don't want to see in my Team. I have nothing against you, but seriously, why you always go in this direction?

    Also, don't worry guys, the applicants were checked and if a serious offense was committed it was a really long time ago and it was ONLY ONCE. And since then, they played it more cool.

    So yes, let's forgive them for their sins "Hallelujah"! The only thing they should prove to the community is their motivation and desire to help others, that's all what matters here!

    I will make sure personally that nobody in the new team spread negativity and that they help as much as they can on their favorite part of the "job", when they are available on their free time.

    This is your right guys, to give us a feedback about those applicants. I am not talking about bashing or whatever reason dating from 2013 (everybody can do mistake).

    I reviewed all the game history and connections and determined if I could give a chance to them or not.

    Maybe i am wrong on some cases. that's why we have interviews to, to determine the value and determination of the applicants.

    "but xlegend mimimi" please develop your point.

    We spent quite a time to review each one of your application, I know that sometimes those results are frustrating, I can perfectly understand your point of view on this.

    But it's also my call to take a decision based on your answers and on what we except from a GS. We need reliable and a moderate-mindset Game Sage to share with the community and a real will to improve the community communication and events. About the game's life and improvement, it's more our CM tasks to work on it.


    Over 40 Applications have been reviewed, both GS and CM were glad to see all this motivation & dedication for the game!!

    The GS / CM Team wants to give a special thanks to ALL those who applied for the position of


    The 2nd and last application's Part is an Interview in Discord with Saya/Parex + at least 1 current GS:

    Here are the name of the Persons who passed the 1st questions/game acknowledgment Part

    & are chosen to participate to the Interview:

    Calibrus, TIKCUS

    KoiKoi KoiVoi, KoiGuppy

    Chibusan, Chibu

    Nutella, BananaBread4
    rainfaIl, snowfalI

    Pixel, Tenzey

    •Heisemberg•, danno2


    Dilema, Nya

    Kittyl, KittySaion, KittySai

    Bravo to you!!

    The other guys, please apply again next time, you can ask me a little feedback of why we didn't choose you this time.

    Thank you all for participating in the quest to becoming Grand Fantasia's 2019 New GS's

    Game Sage Applications are ON!!!

    - UNTIL WEDNESDAY 16th OF JAN (0.00h)!!! -


    If you are ITALIAN or GERMAN you are wanted (even more) <3

    For those interested in applying please review the following posts in EN, DE or IT and fill out the GS Application form (form removed).

    Current CM Team for SANCTUM SERVER:



    Curent GS Team:






    Please feel free to contact any of the mentioned staff or volunteers for more information.

    Deadline: January 16, 2019

    We are in the process of reviewing current applicants. Thank you for your time and good luck to you all!

    We are requesting that the community provide feedback for our applicants to assist us in selecting the new Game Sages. Please be polite and note that only constructive criticism is taken into consideration. Any flaming, insults, or attacks are ignored.

    Please send in your feedback using this >> form.<<

    Thank you and good luck!!

    Thanks so much guys for your participation!

    The cards gave me a little tear ;( an happiness tear don't worry!

    Let's continue the good work...

    Special thanks to our Dear Nyx whom gave a lot of energy on this Calendar and also through the past years....

    Thanks again!!! <3


    Dear wonderful Messengers,

    We sincerely hope that you spent a delightful time during those End of the Year Celebrations.

    The GF Staff, PM Mechium, APM Alikar, CM Saya (FR/US), CM Cucudrula (PT/LAT), CM Curupiro (PT/LAT), CM Tuorzel (LAT/PT) & CM Parex (US/FR) had some good food, sleep and recovered their HP bar from this heavenly break, to start over in a motivated and determined mood! We are back on tracks to offer you, dear GF players, a plethora of Brand-new Content and Original Funky Events to enjoy throughout this

    Holy Year 2019!!


    And now, let’s hear what your Server’s CMs are wishing to you:

    Dear Sanctum (and Siwa) players,

    I’m just back from France, I was in my hometown for Christmas. I got stuffed of food and caught up with my childhood friends and family. This is always important to reconnect with the basics when you live abroad [reminder: Aeria Games is in Berlin ;) ].

    I am glad to be back among the GF Community and ready to work my bottom off to bring you a better communication, more intense and fun events.

    Discover below my New Year’s resolutions:

    1- Play to something else than FFXV…140h is way ENOUGH! Do you guys had a game-crush during 2018 on PS4? I would be happy to add some new game titles in my collection… DM me on Discord!

    2- Feed you with more crazy Events and CM ‘s Luv.

    3- Improve my German which sucks completely, however, the company’s new teacher is a really good motivation.

    4- Read more, if you have suggestions tell me on Discord too.

    5- Play more Guitar/Ukulele

    I have met many GF players through the Game and Discord, but I would be happy to discover more of you guys’ life, hobbies, ambitions, dreams…etc. Poke me in DM on Discord to let me know more about you and about positive ideas for the game and not just about your lost accounts ;p

    >> <<

    So … come on Messenger let’s go on an Adventure, don’t be shy and grab your Guildies, we go to a distant land and let’s start 2019 in a cheerful mood!!

    Remember YOU ARE GF, all this Magic is only happening BECAUSE OF YOU!!

    We cannot thank you enough to still sticking around with us <3




    As you may know, our old and beloved Game Sages: GS Nyx, Mel, Dark, and Gears have left the GS Team for different personal reasons.

    Thanks a million guys, you helped so much the team we are all really grateful for all the efforts provided, but also for the laughs we had together :D

    However, the Sanctum GS Team is not done yet, NO SIR!!

    [GS]Tsuki, [GS]Mika, [GS]Rikka, [GS]Yami and [GS]Selo are more motivated than ever and are online to be your VOICE, so please poke them when you want (ingame/Forum/Discord) to offer your suggestions, report a bug/bad behavior…etc. They are here to listen to you and to support the GF Team. All of them are dedicated players and have a good heart, so do not hesitate to bring them all of GF’s topics. They desire as much as you do, to see changes happen.

    That's it, for the moment, See You ingame ;>

    Your GF TEAM

    Hey Guys :)

    Get Christmasy by changing your Forum background....

    You will find in Control Panel > Settings/General: different themes from the official artworks but also made during the drawing competitions.

    Here is where to click, try the different options....

    and validate by clicking on 'SUBMIT' button>>>!

    Here you go ;)

    Enjoy the other Messengers talent owowow

    The End of the year season is here!

    and the Siberian cold too, hot chocolate and warm outfits ;)

    And Grand Fantasia is no exception!

    This time we want to decorate the game launcher in the best possible way, and that's your role Messengers,

    to create and incredible New Year's Eve design that is going to be used in the game launcher....

    How to participate?

    Create an image related to Grand Fantasia and with Christmas Time! You can use maps, Sprites, Mounts, etc as long as it has a little red and snow ;)

    (*We reserve the right no to add it if not enough submissions)


    1st Place: Combat mount + Be part of the launcher + Eternal Parex's love <3

    2nd Place: A set of three costumes (Head, body, back)

    3thrd Place: Title of your choice

    (All the rewards have to be included in the GM wish List)


    The event starts now until Friday 4th of January :)


    - The image must be 694 x 419 - Una submission per person - Only Grand Fantasia related creations - You must post your entry in this thread - Any copyright infringement or piracy is absolutely forbidden. Your designs should be just creative, not done on pains, not a screenshot.... just do YOUR own crazy stuff. Gimme crazy :D

    - Must be about New Year 2019!!


    - Every submission to this contest can and will be used by Aeria Games for promotional purposes.

    - We reserve the right to disqualify any design that may breach the rules of the contest or our ToS!

    Kiss <3

    Now, is time to show your designs!!

    Nofe my dear,

    as long as you guys ask for items which have been already released in the alchemy, are achievable and are not super rare (orange rings etc...).

    Should be fine, we can play with really cool already released mounts, costumes, items, but it must be realistic Aeria-wise :)

    You can continue to work on it... but please get your tables checked by the GS they know better than anyone else what we are excpecting from alchemies.

    Game Sages if you want to think about a proposal based of what Morgoth was doing, NoFe please give them a hand on this... it could be fun...

    However I need to persuade Alikar to help me out :S ahah

    Show us your designs guyzzzz :p

    I think it's a really cool idea to propose new costs based on your tastes and choices.

    I don't say it will be easy for us to bring XLegend to actually realized them, but if you put yourselves into it, I will give a shot!! Promise :)

    Dear Sprite Messengers,

    If you have the habit to trade large amount of Gold or valuable Items by ingame Mailbox, please read carefully!!

    Find below the explanation of the Mailbox System based on a possible in-game interaction:

    [Two characters interact, “Char A" and "Char B"]

    1- Char A sends an item or Gold to Char B’s Mailbox.

    2- Char B must collect the item/gold within 3 days or the mail is returned to the sender.

    In our example: Char B does NOT collect the item/gold before the deadline expires.

    3- The automatic system takes effect and the mail containing the item/gold is sent back to the sender, Char A.

    4- Now, Char A has a period of 10 days to collect his item/gold in his bag.

    5- If Char A does NOT collect the mail content before the deadline of 10 days expires, the mail is irrevocably destroyed with its content!!


    Find below the tricky mailbox' system points:

    !!ATTENTION #1!! - If you open/read a mail and then don’t collect its content, this content will still be destroyed 3 days later without any further notification!!


    !!ATTENTION #2!! - If Char A sends a mail containing an item or Gold on a Saturday, the Char B is advised to collect the Gold before the regular Tuesday Maintenance beings, which is currently 3.30 AM server time.

    There is a given risk that the acceptance deadline (see step 2) expires during a maintenance, whereupon the mail and its content will be destroyed. Don’t forget, especially a patch maintenance can take up to 4 hours and unscheduled maintenances can also occur.

    In other words, always try to collect a mail's content as soon as possible, especially when when or there is a chance that the 3 days deadline will expire on Maintenance day.

    Currently, our maintenances are scheduled for Tuesday morning, but this can change. As the system depends on a time frame, it still applies if a maintenance is performed on another day.


    !!ATTENTION #3!! As this time-frame send-out is part of the game trading system of the game, we cannot bring any modification to it.

    We took the decision to refuse any kind of C.O.D. deletion's issue as after many logs' researches we always came back to the same conclusion: the item has been deleted by one of the user, or the item was deleted by the system during the maintenance time.


    /!\ Therefore, we kindly remind you that your items and Gold as well as any in-game transactions, including mail trade, are your own responsibility. So please make sure to read and take all the 3 ATTENTIONS points in consideration before creating any new C.O.D. /!\

    Thanks for your understanding.

    Kind regards,

    - Your Grand Fantasia Team

    Hey everyone bravo to the 3 winners :)

    You can now choose the 4 servers Big winner creation and set up their wallpaper to your Forum.

    Just go to Settings > General > Style and select "Grand Fantasia + Galz" for changing the background :)

    GG Princess !!

    kaitybre owowow

    Neuice first collection, who will do better?!

    I would love to take a pic of my old collection, but one day my mother throw away EVERY single console and game I had collected since little... A dark day of my life :<

    Anyways... we're waiting for more of your treasures!!