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    Hello guys!

    I am approaching level 100 on destroyer real soon and have to buy new weapons.

    Idk which one is better a 100 yellow axe or a 100 yellow hammer. I see videos of ppl using 100 hammer w/ purple axe, but the only thing i see beneficial on it is the crit dmg?

    How will it compare to the 100 axe? Ik destroyer talents boost axes damage and axe have higher base, but is the crit damage from hammer really outvalues the damages boost from the axe?

    Wouldn't dual axes yield the most damage since both axes get dmg boost?

    Let me know what you think guys and thanks for reading! 8o

    A long time ago I made a 78 SS alt and I found it a pretty cool class. Now I kinda want to fund this char to endgame and idk too much about the class, but somehow it feels a bit lacking to other classes?

    Now being an alt char I didn't PvP too much to have a full PvP set, but I will grind for it if its endgame is good. I'm also not sure if Predators are good more in PvE or PvP cos in my experience, I had difficulty killing other players even with +18 gun, triple swords, etc. And that I heard a friend say at 100 they can't kill anyone? In PvE well, they have the melee-ranged gimmick.

    There's also the Gunner class (haven't played it yet) that style is kinda like Predator? Or is it just a better version of this class?

    And lastly, does a melee Predator build work? I see a lot of dmg increases on later gears and masteries, but do they have to rely on attack speed procs to get max speed or can they get it by passives?

    Thanks for reading, just wanted more knowledge about this class before I actually decide to dump funds into it. 8o


    I clearly remember one of the listed here randomly turned on pvp mode and attacked me while I'm just peacefully trying to map grind, minding my own business. After he killed me, started to BM me in chat.

    I can't speak for all the applicants here, but I know for certain one of them don't belong here.

    +20 lvl100 player shouldn't be picking on a lvl90 player who is just trying to farm some exp.

    Hmm i will try using some attack consumables and updating my axe like you mentioned.

    Btw, since i'm close to lv90, I thought maybe its a good idea to just craft a taro lover set for the proc,, although I'm not sure since the 5 set effect says:

    (Received crit rate and "DMG" by -25%)

    Does this give dmg reduction or crit dmg reduction? :/ Also aside from farming mutated dungeon, is this a good set to pvp with or is purple set with tanky stones better? (91-100)

    I want to use one of these sets in pvp until i can farm the 100 pvp set. Which sets would you recommend ?

    Thank you for replying Frosch, as for my gears: (all are +17)

    Armor: 3pcs 80 yellow (+9 STR stones)
    2pcs 80 purple (chest 20% def & m-def,, trousers 16% m-def)

    "Red Warrior Mantle" cape

    Weapons: 85 yellow axe (8% crit dmg stones)

    75 purple axe (6,8,10% power stones)

    75 purple gun (10% crit, Prec, 12% power)

    70 leech (8% crit dmg stones)

    65 shield (8% crit dmg stones)

    I'm thinking if i should go full purple for more %m-def and %hp, and eventually swap my 75 axe with the 90 purple version. Even with the gears above i still get shrekt somehow, taking 2500 dmg per mob.

    Hey guys, i have a lvl88 DK and im kind of stuck on leveling at MFT.

    Now my gears are up to date +17 yellow/purp, but somehow that doesn't mean anything in this dungeon. My att is roughly 21k and it appears i still do peanut damage to the mobs somehow. :/

    If i don't kill them fast enough then i get shrekt with debuffs and swapping to shield for cure barely works as they get applied as fast as they're removed.

    I looked all over and only see 1 video of a DK doing it but he was babysat by a Saint. (Prefer alone for faster/more exp)

    I'm lvling alternatively through MBFR atm but once I outlevel it, ill have to MFT anyways.

    So yeah any tips n tricks for how you did this dungeon i'd greatly appreciate it.


    Does anyone know when the "Deep Sea Fantasy Nuclei" will be archivable? Or will it even become archivable? I really don't want to spend another 30k+ on another one when i can just transfer mine over to my other character. ?(