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    For someone that actually tried to make an Predator to endgame, i can say; it all depends on what is your goal in GF. Do you want to solo dungeons? Nah, Predator wont be your thing. Do you want to kill people in PvP? Predator wont be your thing. Do you like to grind and sell Plvl? Predator is extremely good! Do you like to capture chrystals / be support class? Predator is extremely good. Keep in mind, even though many players do not want to play a predator, the class is still a huge benefactor in certain modes, like GvG Jale or Kaslow. Also, a predator on lvl 100 (with pvp set) can get permanent mongoose buff, which gives damage reduce, invonerablility to stunn and evade. This makes the class extremely tanky, especially since you can use purple equipment after the procs used.

    Now in my opinion, to really accelerate with a predator, you will need a lot of VFS items. Those costs literal millions of gold right now. Certainly the predator class isnt dead, but it needs a lot to be considdered good. If you want a challenge? Go try make it the best you can. If you just want a cheap class to lvl to 100 and use easily, focus on another class!

    Hope this was helpfull :)

    "good ideas you could have developed with us." - Parex. I mean, if that's the case why haven't you take a look at the 'economy forum threat' that Dark wrote. Or basically done something with the issues players send them and of which I am sure of they forwarded them towards you. Let's be real, a GS sounds nice and cool but they can't make a difference, least not at this time.

    Give us more transparency about why so many GS's lately stepped out of the team? Why so many players have gone less active (not gonna lie here, but the activity of the server is dropping)? This is also the reason why a lot of players haven't even heard about the players on the list, simply because this is what remains. I hope for this games sake that we all can listen to the community. We all love this game, we all want to see it flourish again but we all have different ideas on how to do so.

    YES Parex is right about signing up for being a GS and at least try to make a change, but there is also this feeling with I think all of the players that reacted here that the Aeria Staff is kinda abadoning us. There have been forum posts in here that really require your attention and thoughts. Also discord messages are not being reacted on, and tickets take forever to react on. Our communication with the staff is minimalistic, and when they take forever to react to even small issues and don't react to bigger ones, that's what is the problem.

    This GS forum post is probably a way for many players to let out their dissatisfaction with the Aeria Staff. I must say, this new patch ingame was actually a pretty big and good one. But there is also a lot of things that are lacking still and that the community has asked for for months. I really hope that all of you can give eachother a better chance, the community towards the staff but also the staff towards the community. Cause i feel that both are kind of disconnecting the last few months. There has been a lot more reactions towards this post than just Nofe his reactions. And yeah it is a real good step forwards that you guys made the online feedback form. But we need more. The game is its community, not its Game Masters.

    To end this on a good note, I do wish all the applicants the best! Really hope that all of you get a good training and are willing to help out the community the best you can. If there is anything, I think most of us here would want to help out too :)

    Real Die Uncharted Unfortunately, this is not a reason to not be a GS. The PvP channel is there for Player vs. Player battles, as the channel name itself says. Even a GS has the right to kill players, even though a GS should probably not do it, it is still a part of the game. Simply put it like this, it is your responsibility that you get attacked in PvP channel, not that of anyone else. Should you not want to get attacked go to another channel.

    Now bashing players after one is killed is on the other hand unsportsmanlike, but is also a part of this gaming community. You think there is ever a PvP match or battle that goes without any "BM chat"? Some of the best and most knowledgable players in this game do these 'BM stuff' when they are PvPing, but outside of that they are probably the best people you have met.

    I think its good what Parex tried to say, that any recent mistakes should count for picking a GS, and not mistakes that happened literally months and months ago. People can change and some of them really should deserve at least a shot. I'm not saying they should be a GS already and get to learn from there, but lets just make the applications and requirements a little bit higher so that not everyone can get to be one. As GS you are basically the 'go-to-person' for everyone ingame. And I am really sorry to say, but basically as of now, I myself dont see any of the current GS's as a 'Go-to-person', which should basically be essential for the job.

    I am all in for giving people a new change, and there is most certainly not a personal attack towards you Kitty . The only thing for most of the community is that the timing of this list, with the departure of most of the previous GS's that actually were really good ( like Kyorai, Nyx, Darkshade). We feel that the GM's are pretty much doing whatever they want and don't listen to the community at all.

    Where previous Game Sage Applications had people applying that were overqualified to be a sage but didnt make it due to minor issues doesnt seem a problem anymore. Now basically anyone that can speak a little bit of english/german/italian can be a Game Sage.

    I apolegize if the posts sound like an attack to a person, but i firmly believe that also the recommendation of a Game Sage should be Lvl. 100. As i said before, much of the game is only meant for 81+ , and therefor lvl 100s are most likely to have issues with certain things. And for the 10 new players that join the game maybe every month, we dont really need a Game Sage for that, as Kitty said before there are guilds for them to help them. We should get a bigger organ of Game Sages, and i think that it is also probably best if every big guild gets at least 1 GS for a quick communication to GM's.

    Can we please ask Nyx and Darkshade back to the team. God made the perfect point adding to this list, Quality over Quantity. We got so many GS's that havent even ever been Lvl 100. Asking why lvl 100? Well, there is basically a ton of maps and quests after lvl 80, or even lvl 90, but even still most of the current GS's dont know much about the game and how it works. How many of them did quests or dungeon runs. How many of them are actually clocking in to the game and do something productive? The most productive and best GS's we ever had are already gone. And im not only talking about this list, but also the previous ones. Honestly, I rather see people that are active, lvl.100 and hopefully reformed people on the list that have years and years of experience than every second player that had a random character nobody ever heard of and can speak italian or german.

    As of now, you guys are changing the GS tag from Game Sage to a Public Translating Slave. They are nothing more than puppets that can translate for you. And i think they should be an extension of the game. Someone that has been everywhere and can actually help new and old players.

    To make an end to the discussion, as Dark said before; 'Candies were never meant to be implemented like this, and thus their function has been way more than meant to be". They were actually meant for a fun event, the game does not need a candy in order to function, for PvP nor PvE!

    Im sure that you guys want 'better' experiences for your dungeon runs, but it was never intended like that, nor do you need it.

    Sorry for this extra, message could max be 10,000 characters, so i continue here KurysFlame

    Shifting Values

    • This is an interesting subject. By seeking to halt inflation, we are practically asking for an m-clay crash. However, this isn't the real world. Consequences will be a bit different. What consequences do you see in this happening?

    I think i explained this before too. But basically by our never ending demand for mclays there will be a point in time that the effort of gaining gold -and therefor implementing new gold into the worlds gold- cant sustain the demand for mclays -and therefor the rise of its price-. This would mean that eventually people wouldnt agree on a price for mclays (i.g. 5000gold) cause the value is never certain. Basically Mclays now are Money without intrinsic value. There is nobody backing its value and therefor trading in it is a huge gamble. I dont know if you or others agree with me, but the best thing for the economy would be a sustainable monetary trade unit that everyone wants to have, basically GOLD.

    • Do you see gold and m-clay value as inversely proportional? If so, what would your solution be for a healthy economy?

    As said before, there is NEVER just 1 solution to a healthy economy. As i dont think that i have all the answers for a healthy economy. I do think that gold and mclay are somehow linked, i dont think its inversely proportional tho, but a more complex formula to it might be applied to understand this. Since when the value of Gold decreases, the amount of gold needed for Mclays increases. But otherway around too, when there is more demand for mclays (for example cause of trading items above 99k) the price of Mclays increases too. A way to change this would be, either make it so that there isnt enough substitute items to replace money for, but however... this can never be the case. Or secondly, controll the flows of money and mclays. Give a certain base price for Mclays and decrease the amount of gold into the server. As said before i really think this could be achieved easily. Cause when you make Mclays available at the General Store Owner for 1000g, then everyone knows that Mclays are 1000g. Selling them for 1500g wouldnt make any sense, cause people can get them for less ingame. Also this would give you an estimated guess of what your REAL LIFE MONEY is worth, since you now know that AP is worth a certain amount of gold (i.g. mclays that are worth 1000g). I would even suggest that selling AP cards isnt something that was per se 'bad' for the ingame economy as it wasnt bad for Aeria itself too, but this is a whole other discussion. Giving things value is something that would make the economy sustainable. cause eventually you cant trade in all your money for Mclay cause you need money for ingame factors too. But it will create a huge sinkhole, and as a matter of fact, the first months there might be an overflow of Mclays too, and maybe items too. But in the long run... there would be way less gold and a far better economy. Let me know your thoughts on this.

    To react on my thoughts @KurysFlame i will answer the questions. I have studied some Financial courses and my answers are based upon my knowledge i aquired during that. I am almost certain that an economy in the virtual world wouldnt always be the same as in the real world, but they wouldnt be completely different either.


    • Could you please explain how Darkshade's goals aim for a more socialist economy? Also, how would you look at communism/capitalism in a computer game (being a largely insulated virtual world where devs can control resources to such a greater extent than a government in reality)?

    This wasn't per say an 'attack' on Dark his idea, I really hope we can get something that helps against the inflation we are dealing with as of now, but it is opting for a Socialist Economy. Unregulated markets are purely based upon achieving as much profit as you are able to. Basically, for the idea that gold has a certain standard, it needs to be regulated and THUS the market becomes socialistic. Gold as of now is some commodity ingame that everyone has and everyone can get and trade (e.g. Running Dungeons, Killing Mobs). For this commodity to be regulated it should get a certain (intrinsic) value. This is where you can for example say that a certain item such as <Magic Alchemy Clays> can be traded in for gold, which therefor will be regulated by a bigger party, Aeria Games. Hope you understand my thoughts about this?

    • Correct me if I'm wrong, but is the problem you see that the rich people would not want the current situation to change?

    The problem i see is that not ONLY the rich people wouldnt really want it, but also the common. The economy is a 'big something' that nobody really got a clue about, not even people who study it. We try and understand it, but in the end nobody can even grasph its workings. Therefor i think that without the right information about WHAT will influence something, there wont be any common ground reached where everyone would agree on a solution, implying that there only is 1 sulution here is wrong. Economy in the real world is even bigger than it is ingame, the one ingame can be understood till some degree. But still its a big blur. Everyone should want that the situation changes.

    Obtaining Gold

    • When you said characters can easily solo dungeons, do you mean characters that have been playing a while, or have dungeons been severely nerfed? (Haven't played in about 2 years...) Or is this archive buffs?

    Basically this whole game changed. When the game began, you actually needed a party to be able to do things, but due to several factors this all changed. Archive Buff, Nerfs and Buffs to everything, New Weapons, New Armor, basically everything. Almost every class is able to play alone, where dungeons were actually set out to be harder and in need of parties. So yeah, obtaining the same amount of gold that you have to put a lot of effort in a few years ago is becomming increasingly easier. This is a 2nd inflation that happens, not the inflation of monetairy units (i.g. Gold) but also the inflation of Time. Where a lot of things increase a persons Def stats, Speed stats and Attack Stats throughout the years, you can now do something faster alone than back in the day with 5. This is basically causing the 2nd inflation, the one Dark also talks about in his video. Hope you see what im getting at?

    • So, lower MO rewards? Why would this be preferred over having an MO limit? Also, this plan seems geared specifically for players who create and run multiple accounts. What are your thoughts on those who cannot multilog?

    Lowering MO rewards will affect people that Multilog but also the normal dungeon runners. Let me explain this with a real example. -When a person works at a factory that produces cars, and the person can make 1 car per day and gets paid $50 a day, that is basically him being paid for what he does and can do. Now after implementing certain improvements in the factory, such as the machines working faster, the worker can now make 2 cars per day. Does that mean the person should actually get double the amount of what he got before? - In the normal world you wouldnt get an increase in your wage that grows with production, but effort can make a difference. Therefor it is logical that people that are better make more money, but the amount they get now is just too high. There has been too many increases in Stats and basically production that there should be something holding it back, this would be a decrease in gold in this example.

    • The m-clay suggestion you made would set a lowest price on m-clay prices, not a cap. It would have no effect on keeping m-clay prices from rising, possibly having the reverse effect by decreasing supply. It would have very little effect on gold value outside of increasing inflation a bit by introducing more gold into the server. (You mentioned this coming up later, so my thoughts may change.)

    Basically what we are doing with Mclays is the same as with gold, we are overflowing the market without knowing exactly how much there is in the world. Eventually, people will find a new product that will replace Mclays or be a substitute for it, cause they will be worth soo much. At some point people do not want to spend on Mclays anymore. But when will it be, 2000g? 2500g? 3000g? Just see when the bubble explodes what will happen. A huge devaluation of items.


    • ... While I agree that percentage based "taxing" of essentials can be an effective gold sink, this is also the kind of idea that makes player bases exceptionally bitter. Part of the issue is that, in reality, the reason for these services is required maintenance. Not only does this throw off comparison to real life examples, but it makes players feel like they are being unduly punished, that their work is not rewarded. Not that it can't be well implemented, but it's tough, especially if it's a service players are used to. Thoughts?

    Every change there is going to be is hard, but not every change will affect all players evenly. If you would ask all players to delete 50% of their gold, this would be in essential a good thing, cause the amount of gold in the world shrinks and prices can therefor be divided by 50%. Even though this would never happen, there is a thought of making a tax. it can even be a monthly tax of like 1% gold per server maintenance. This way everyone would have less gold, and the amount of gold shrinks too. In essence, the effect would be the same if the MO Limits or Rewards are being cut, but that wouldnt change anything to the amount of gold there is. I really think the best things to do in order to achieve this, is or a public tax, or premium items that can be bought for a LOT of gold. Like occasionally Aeria would offer services for gold, for a couple of hours per day, unannounced ofcourse, so that gold CAN actually leave directly. All other approaches would give an indirect goldsink. Im not quite sure on what would be the best way to implement the indirect goldsinks, but a direct one seems pretty cool!

    • Don't have much else to say here. As others have said, gold sinks are good.


    Unfortunatly you are trying to create a more socialist (communist) economy in a capitalistic system. I really get what you are trying to accomplish, gold should be generated and sunk at about the same speed, and even some inflation in the game is in a normal economic system not a bad thing. Even in your own graph you see that over the first years the inflation is managable, but after the MO removal it has gone through the roof. Grand Fantasia has become the online version of Zimbabwe. The issue here is that you are appealing to a solution that would be nice as an entirety but not for the individual level. Yes, the amount of gold in the server is a problem that needs to be dealt with, but i dont think that the actual 'powerfull' or rich people ingame would want that to happen. Realisticly its like saying to a company as Ford that they could get less profit but in the long run would have the same profit as they have now, just in a different value. I think Aeria is right about thinking that WITHOUT the right explenation this plan would not succeed. Lets split up this train of thought into some parts;

    Obtaining Gold:

    As Dark said in his piece, obtaining gold has become an easy feat. Since running is such an easy task now (cause characters can easily solo dungeons now) and werent from back in the old days where you actually needed a party, you should actually make it harder to get money. If you, back in the old days needed 3 minutes with 5 player party to get 200 gold, that means that if you can do it now in half of the time with 5 characters you actually get 10 times the money instead of the 5 times Dark talked about. You actually forget that characters, archivebuffs, +20, everything happened in the meantime, but YET again Aeria fails to devellop that what is left behind. You cant expect the same value return for something that has actually been soo much more easy to get by. So, i guess you already know what im going to propose. Devaluate MO's! Since MO's are 94% worth more than any other quest, they also take WAY less time. If you already cut down the amount of gold you get from 200 to 50 per run, you get 'only' 2.5 times as much gold with 5 chars as you got back in the day. This might seem a little to extreme for some of you, and also a bit unfair for newer players, which is why i think it might even be better to increase the gold value from normal story quests. That way new players learn about the game while getting at the same time a good amount of gold to get started with. Basically those quests cant be repeated, so it is a 1 time investment of gold into the main pool of gold that is already in the world, the problem is the amount of gold that can be put in again and again by the MO or repeatable quests.

    Also 1 thing that i would like to suggest here, which will make sense later on in this piece, is that you might want to have an option of trading Mclays in for Gold at an NPC (for a brief moment of time). That way GMs actually link gold to mclays and you get rid of the amount of mclays there is in the server too. This feature could be also turned other way around for Mclays or other items, but at least there would be a price tag instead of an ever increasing value.


    In order to have an equal goldsink to get rid of the gold that is already there, you will need a sink that will be based on a persons gold, and not on a base value. This means that you should actually pay a % of the amount of gold you have and not a base value. This principle is already there in the case of selling items in the Auction House. This method can be seen as the Social-Capitalist State Taxes. People pay an % of their income to taxes, the higher the income the higher the tax will be. Such sinkholes could be normal sinkholes like Town Portals or even Guild Buffs.

    Thinking about the fact that normally prices in a country rise with the inflation of ones income, as Dark explained in his video with the example of bread. But bread can be seen as a good produced by someone (Example ingame could be GM wishes), where the person that has suchs goods demands a higher price. Yet there is also a second problem and that is the prices of common goods, like expenses for the State Security or Road Maintenance (ingame Town Portals or other common sinks). The expenses for such common goods allways rise in normal countries which makes that the market value stays the same over the years, YET in Grand Fantasia this isnt the case. Poor management on Aeria's side made that the game got an inflation boom of which it can barely recover. Prices of such sinks should rise, and also accordingly to a persons Lvl and amount of gold. One can say that people that are lvl 100 are mostly the richest and therefor can pay most.

    Since i now told you a little bit about the common gold sinks, and that Aeria is in fact basicly a State controlling those sinks, they could actually influence them differently too. Goldsinks like GvG points (Trading in Dews for Money) could be more efficient if the right items are there for sale. Also Aeria could opt for a certain period of time that GM wishes or even Galactic Nucleus could be available for Gold during that period of time. This would decrease the amount of gold ingame by a lot! which makes the 'rich' not that rich anymore.

    Shifting Values:
    What is one thing people value more than gold? Right, Mclays! This economy is based purely on mclays by the lack of anything better. There are several issues with it. Money shifting in value is one of them, but also the 99999,99.99 gold cap. which could use another 0 in my opinion. Normally, in a perfect gaming environment, a single item shouldnt be worth more than 1 gold cap. But nowadays you even need several accounts to harness your gold in order to pay for 1 item. This is why people shifted to buying Mclays. This has increased over the last years as seen in the prices for Mclays. But even mclays are not a good solution for a stable economy. It is normal for economies to shif to other values, it happens everywhere even in 2008 crash of the market. The stock worth of Gold was soo much more worth than ever before. Cause something that is always there and always has a certain use is being invested in. The problem is, there is an increasing demand for Mclays, which raises the prices, but there is no view on the amount of Mclays there is in circulation. Therefor, investing in Mclays is risky. You are actually creating a bubble that could burst whenever Aeria wants. Cause see it like this, if you have the next month without good Mclay tables, you are basically losing value over your Mclays and thus your money. Investing in a healthy economy where everything can be bought by gold, and there being not TOO MUCH gold is a MUST!

    Im sure i have forgotten a lot of thoughts i still have with this subject, and not everything might be entirely clear, but i can enlighten people that want to discuss about it in Discord as well! I even might add more after this post too. Most of these things are idea's and im not saying anything (or everything) should happen in order to fix the economy. I do know that you need to be aware of the fact that the game can not survive another year like this year, not as it is now! Everything has to be faster, better, stronger... but nobody ever thinks that the right balance of Slower, worse, weaker, is also good.

    Yes! It finally happened... The downfall of GF we all had thought would come, but not this soon! When a main server has 0 support from CMs all over the world and the game has a table set up for the least populous time ingame, the management can be called incompetent! YES! You guys neglegted the fact that these are REAL PEOPLE offering there REAL TIME and REAL MONEY to be playing this table! I myself stayed up till 5am just to try and get some... but went offline after 2 hours cause the table didnt come. Ofcourse you hear about the fact that every other server has had the table and that the incompetence of the main server is yet another fact. Could we, instead of milking this game out, try and make this game last some longer?? I bet there are thousands of people willing to pay and play once a lot of stuff gets fixed, like this. IT IS AFTER ALL YOUR JOB!! Dont get me wrong... i dont think you guys as CM of this game want to lose your jobs cause the game doesnt make any money anymore... Think about things like this and make a CM be there at promotions like this, just to see that you guys really fucked everyone... next time make the table for example 1 hour online every 8 hours so everyone has an equal chance, but hey? Im just a player and a costumer, rather bann me for telling the truth and calling you out, right?

    TL;DR ... Do your job, keep the game alive! And give us the table again!