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    Ah May 2019 was a blast, it was calm weather filled with fun adventures in an unknown city that was not all keen to friendly eye wanderers. Attending a small game convention that was filled with die hard fans throughout the world was something to never forget. The first thought of attending a mushroom game that has been out for 14 years is just something unheard of and a bit embarrassing but the people you meet in the game and the time spent is just astonishing. It is difficult to describe of the meetup of gaming fans for this one meetup convention, the air was filled with excitement, speechless-fans, and so much more - the feelings was all over the place. Though the event was cramped in a small venue, it did not stop anybody from enjoying the event any less. I was filled with awe with full on art work posted on the walls to meet & greets with volunteer members that were recruited to promote the game through stream.

    Watching new content being brought out to the public was just amazing and way different from watching it via on stream. The vibe in the room was just wow-it left me speechless as all these little gamers that plays the same game as I do was there-in that same little cramped venue. It was amazing to see the dev team and other staffs come on stage to announce new updates and just to thank the player base for the continued support. There was small games here and there as a small break with huge prizes. I was disappointed that I didn't get selected cause none of the people that were selected to go up on stage to play pictionary didn't even play the game. It was just sad, the person that won 2 out of 6 rounds won signed figurines and corsair gear; though the dev were great at drawing the monsters from the game-which was fun to guess on the side as an audience. They did have a raffle event towards the end of the convention, where they gave out awesome prizes - one of them being dx racer chairs. Though I didn't care much for those cause I wanted the figurines that they were handing out, as the figurines and snowglobes were not sold anywhere besides the actual korean in-store place.

    I've walked in and out of the venue to check out other things that the company have set up for the day. They had an awesome small photo area to take pictures with props, which I must say - those were very well made. A small area for "lego" building which was basically everybody can pitch in to build a mosaic of the game. There was a tiny claw game built with legos, the object of the game was to pick up a small mushroom. And then there was the infamous merch shop, which was pretty much in a small corner of the room. I knew people from all over the world wanted things because the online store didn't offer much and was pretty much sold out when things became available. But I did not realize that the merch store line was no joke, lining up was a joke and what was even worse was that the company did not bring in more merch products. Things were sold out within 30 mins when the event opened, at least the more popular items-the least popular were the duck plushies or that the company just bought too much duck plushies and hoped for the best. Luckily I have purchased 3 of the penguin plushies but it was disappointing to wait and waste 2 hours of my convention time to stand in line for merch, I could've went to the meet & greet.

    I've actually gotten to meet my fellow guild leaders, one of them being a legendary old player in the first game (his name is still up on urbandictionary, which is quite funny). I got to meet a lot of up-coming streamers for the 2nd game, we had a lot of japanese and korean food plus boba throughout the three days. I was a bit sad that I didn't get to meet most of the streamers/volunteer members during the event but I got chances to meet some at dinner. I even got to meet a community manager at an arcade, it was a fun time. I didn't spend much time at the arcade meetup with the other streamers cause I wanted to roam around but I did rush back because I wanted autographs from various streamers and the community manager's. I actually got 5 signatures on a Tony Stark pop figure so it was worth to miss that small meet & greet. That small little 8 hours of convention time felt so short but worthwhile.

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    My Balloon is going to a sad and dull airbnb prison style party. The table is sad, The room is sad. Everything about the party is sad. Except for the lighting, it's on point.

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    Etc: Ugly sprites on cupcakes.


    Pillsbury White Cake Mix

    1/2 Cup of Oil

    1 Cup of Water

    3 Eggs

    Some sparkle gel tube for writing

    Some black icing thing that was store bought

    Pillsbury Vanilla Frosting