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    {{ Please check the official GF Discord server under #trade for freebies list. }}


    ♡ Emblem of Liberty
    ♡ Emblem of Dream
    ♡ Saphael's Soul of Honor
    ♡ Burning Mutated Nucleus

    ♡ SKB5,6,7

    {{ Nothing specifically / DM or PM if you have something in mind and I'll check for it}}

    ♡ Prices and information here.

    Orders will be accepted or rejected based on my availability / availability of materials when order is placed.

    Best chances of contacting me for orders will be via Discord DMs due to my schedules irl.

    Poke in-game at mishiii / konyo or DM at meanchelle#3612

    The manual patch doesn't fix the issue for me. Do you have any other ideas? :)

    For those of you who are having issues with the patch or the manual patch:

    Download the following link and extract the files once completed and copy and paste all files from folder into your GF game folder. Proceed to play as normal.
    Click for download link here.

    If substituting the files does not work try to do a clean uninstall using REVO and then install using the .zip file again.
    REVO --> Click!

    See if that works for you. (: