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    I instantly thought on wizard while I was reading. Kind of glass cannon and have a lot of aoe's. Also is a good class to start...maybe. If you like that class you should try it.

    Im not sure if this one is a seasonal event too, but here I'm. This event can be found in Jale with Hawk (omg this guy again?!) and have two parts. When you accept L15. Players in the Game (REP) you get the "Player Admission Certificate" buff.



    With this buff you can go to the "Science Competition Venue" through NPC Jale's Chief Inventor Ptolemy (beside Hawk).


    AJybD9nm.jpg?1Right in the place you spawn you have NPC Hawk. You select "Let me handle the robot!" and you can "control" a robot. With this robot you have to defeat the "Golden Lightyear" contestant.

    Ak0GrFX.jpg?1You have two skill as a robot:

    1. Galaxy Steel Fist.

    2. Exploding Meteor Fist.

    1 Attack, 2 Disable boss armor buff. If the boss have the armor buff on you do nothing to him. Also the cast of both skills is really slow.

    When you win you get the buff required to complete the quest and you going to be teleported back to Jale. "I protect the universal peace!" buff allow you to take the quest "L15. Falling in love with Your Assistant? (REP)"


    This quest give you two items. You dont have to think on them now.

    2BuZETpm.jpg?1The first thing you have to do is look NPC Ethen (123, 283) and choose the last option: "Hawk wants me to find out who the paper towel belongs to." he tell you some stuff and with the buff "Already Asked Ethen" you can go to Ledisia to do the same.



    After you have the "Already Asked Ledisia" buff you can go to NPC Cathy, the last one in te rute.

    RgreFEB.jpg?1And select both options. First "Is this Cartoon Patterned Paper Towel yours?" and then "My brother Hawk wants to be your penpal.". And you can go back to Hawk and complete.

    The quest give you the "Bittersweet puppy love" buff.


    And that's all for this quest.

    Hey! Following Diamondgem example and seeing that some have problems with this quest Im going to share this guide with all of you. This seasonal event can be found on Jale with NPC Helper Hawk (205, 328).

    You can took two quest from Hawk but the one for the "Candy and robots.." quest line is: L15. Hawk's Near Collapse (REP).


    Then you have to talk with the General Store Owner's Daughter Ledisia (160, 184) and Joseph (237, 169) to complete this quest.

    1f0iGkGb.jpg?1   tSqu5wpb.jpg?1 this you can complete the first part of the quest and the "Kids these days" buff you can take L15. Sweeten the Pot (REP).


    This quest give you "Hawk's Super Candy and with it you go back to Ledisia.

    8cVLYO1.jpg?1You select:

    1. Hey girl! and get "Oh mister nice man, ever hear of Stranger Danger?" buff.M7Fdn7qs.jpg?1
    2. With the previus buff you select I'm not some weirdo (If the char's a male) or I am not some quirky girl! (if the char's a female) and get "Ease her worries" buff, you have to stacks it 5 times. (is the lover-skill-alike icon)vRrJRIus.jpg?1
    3. With the "Ease her worries" stacked 5 times you can, finally, give her the candy with Do you want some candy? option.

    IDOCd3c.jpg?1With all that you obtain the Diary and can complete the second part of this quest and "Ungle Gege's" buff allow you to tale L15. Dream of the Little Warrior (REP). The last quest of the line.


    DY4bshN.jpg?1This quest give you a blueprint "Robotol Blueprint" (You can found the blueprint in your backpack). As the detail said, the material can be fount at Steam Mine Mountain (421, 326) in front of Yalashy.


    These little thingys that shoulnt be here (?)

    Titanium Lavarock drop Titanium Pebbles, you need 5 of these. Then you go back to Jale, and find the alchemist to synthesize the Robotol.


    7TaSP3s.jpg?1With the Robotol Summoning Stone you go to Joseph, the child. Use the Stone and then talk with him selecting "Good boy, here's a Robotol for you!"


    You can complete and get the "Hawk Gehe's Delight" buff for 3 hours.


    That's all for now. I wish this help you all n.n/

    I dont know if Diamondgem started with the Hawk guide but what you do is: Hey girl, Im not a quirky girl (if female)/ im not some weirdo five times and then the candy [1-3-4 if I recall]. Nofe .

    Pretty guide Diamondgem ♡

    Few times I been able to reach four round and never got something good. And yes, random should have better stuff in early rounds... and better rate, always the tears, one use stuff or limited costume pack... for the effor of that day.

    P.S. My english isnt good neither, if I said something weird...

    Edit1: 12/04/2018: I just use 50 stars and got a Limited Time Costume Pack IV... that limitet pack for the time invested x.x

    Welp... we need the MO cap and Final destination again and I think that the current amont of gold have to dissapear too... with the lottery stuff CM usually do or something like that.