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    Here are the other two winners of the contest!!

    CONGRATULATIONS to PawsOfFire and LilyXO, please contact me on Discord.

    Although their designs will not be the new background of the forum, we still loved and they deserve a prize.

    (Do not be surprised if you ever get this image as a background of something ;) )

    2nd: 3rd:

    ... And ... the background contest ended!!

    Thanks to everyone who participated but we already have a winner!

    Congratulations Princess !! We loved your design! We just need to adjust your image a bit so it can be functional as a forum background!

    So please get in touch with us in Discord to help us with your design in order to do it the background of the Grand Fantasia Forum!

    Hello hello messengers,

    Today is our day, gamers!


    Make sure that you have enough snacks to eat, prepare your console and invite all your friends to spend the day in an endless game session!

    But first, share with us your biggest collection of games and goodies and show us how are you celebrating the day.

    The biggest collection is goint to receive a surprise, so dont forget to write your character name ;)




    Hello messengers,

    We want to make some changes on our forum and we will glad if you help us on this :)


    Create a new background for our forum (The winner´s background will be added on the forum)

    An special map, costume or mount that you like? Use it!

    We would love to see how your imagination works using Screen Shots, your own fan art or anything you feel that could look good on your forum.

    The Only limits are: the image must be of size 1920x1080 and it must be related to Grand Fantasia. Thats all!

    (*we reserve the right not to add it if not enough submissions)


    1st Place: Combat Mount + 50 Clays

    2nd Place: A set of three costumes (Head, body, back) + 25 Clays

    3rd Place: Title of your choice + 10 clays

    (every reward should be included in the GM wish List)


    The event will run from 27.06.2018 until 29.08.2018

    • Only one submission per person
    • Size of the image must be 1920x1080
    • Only Grand Fantasia related creations
    • You must post your entry in this thread
    • Any copyright infringement or piracy is absolutely forbidden. Your designs should be just that – your own designs!
    • We reserve the right to disqualify any design that may breach the rules of the contest or our ToS!
    • No exceptions for participation outside of the set time frame will be given
    • You may not use multiple accounts to participate – this will be checked
    • Nothing inappropriate
    • Every submission to this contest can and will be used by Aeria Games for promotional purposes.

    Now show us your wonderful designs and more importantly, have fun!