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    Destroyer: Danny, Slt, KoiKoi

    HolyKnight: Dextera, Asura, Pala°Pat

    Shinobi: Bowser, DarkShodows, Shinki

    Predator: Freischutz, Kryros, oHisoka

    Archangel: Selyse, Yuma, Alkald, MagicalTimes

    Druid: Lasagna, Arya

    Warlock: oSeki, Entropie, Kurbi

    Shinigami: ARmang0, Jordan29, Kira091

    Mechmaster: JJHistory, ErikT, Chibusan, DrShinoo, iPandaZ

    Artillerist: -

    Phantom: NyuRagegun, Yuuria, Hezekeah,

    Chrono: -

    The only reasony why some druids support better than AAs is that those AAs are bad. Simple thing druid was always worse in any way of support except healing. After reborn and fixing the heal talent on AA even this is gone. Also the problem is druid got compared to other classes with Gunner THE WORST existing pvp set. So you have to use Gorilla Guard in most round on yourself and this wont even safe you from dying against most classes. Using candy will make you unable to use 80% of your spells also human spells are mostly a lot worse than the ones you got in animal-forms. Also yes every dps ring from VFS is BROKEN af. The most broken is Focus/Crimson Eye and after this one it is Pyre. The faster you attack = more damage. Shinobi is already a horrible class in PvP. Its also not cuz all of those Shinobis are impressive good players its more about the fact they can procc a taro without dying against every non PEN class and 2shot you then thx to broken spell dmg or burst you down thx to no animations in clone. Just imagine this class would have these animations all time. Same for Phantom for example imagine this class would be able to spam spells all day. Nty. TheMan Also i would like to know which lvls of PvP you play mostly. Also @Pasania i wanted to write PvE for the missing defdowns since none of those work on DD/MBK bosses. PvP they are still garbage you cant even kill someone on 20k mdef solo if they do something.

    ill admit, I'm wrong there I don't play gearmaster so I really don't know how much they benefit it's just from what I have seen in arena and in duels the game has changed yes but it isn't and immense difference where even the addition of candies would change everything it won't matter to much people had x3 seal back then even during the reign of Gearmaster and gunner and it was indeed annoying but not as bad as you think If I'm sealed and silence it doesn't matter there not doing damage are they it's more of and annoyance if anything but not broken its negligible.

    Well Shinobi is already a pretty spammed class in arena the last months, thx to their broken tankiness and their clone and toxin which makes them able to burst insane dmg BECAUSE of the candy. Candy in PvP is not needed it will just f*ck the non existing balance even more up. PvE yeh why not it already doesnt matter since there wasnt any bug fix for druid defdowns in 91+ PvE for years. Also PvE is half garbage cuz its reflect, random one shot or stupidly procc your title in VFS.

    I disagree there gear shinobis animation now to begin with lets just be honest is bad with them getting candies just makes there animation equal or relative to warlord which is fine I'm sure others would agree the only reason why I think you'll say there nasty with no animations like you said is the fact that the seal and silence of their swords would proc more plus with candies coming back there would be a significant increase in the shinobi branch meaning more ultimate's around arena and gvg then before this will in turn make people less tanky which is needed with the insane amount of stats everyone has at 100 anyway in addition to this wouldn't the increase amount of seals/silence a shinobi can do slow down the new classes now. The Mechmasters(GM Branch) there isn't that much of a difference with them with candy and without if anything there not as broken as compared to now than then everyone has - penetration now and it's not like there animation was instant to begin with there's not much of a difference between and MM using endless with candy and without gunner however is a different story. Gunners there animation needs nerfing equalling it out to the physical classes right now or even a bit less with 50-100 hits done in under a second that's definitely something not to overlook I think I mentioned gunners before in the above post? I'm not sure have to check. With Shinigami and warlock there animation is already pretty good to begin with in candy there's not much of a difference besides from the fact you can multicast a lot easier and other benefits.

    I'm pretty loss how you say candies would throw the balance out of whack few years ago no one complained about candies at all the issue was with Gearmaster/Gunners and even before that candy was going for a few years with little to no complains even though AA's couldn't use fear arena was a lot more fierce when everyone is in candy compared to when no one isn't in candy I seen it and witness i I rather have a normal arena where everyone can candy compared to the GFWT matches where it's whoever AA and Shinigami can fear first does that sound balance to you? That doesn't sound fun at all that's boring , repetitive and mundane and just dull. I had a lot more invigorating matches due to the fact candy was in the game and I'm sure others would agree. I can ensure you if candies were implemented in those GFWT matches the matches would've been a lot more gripping and absorbing not only that there would've been more class branches in there to.

    I disagree with like everything you wrote.

    It's true it was an event item. But same as it is on TW just add a NPC with the same boxes as for Halloween so we can spent gold for candies and maybe also do smth good for the economy!

    What exactly happened with this motivation? Tuorzel is getting slowed down by the GF Team aswell? I seriously dont know who is the problem in your company to improve this game but he/she/they are the reason to lose a huge amount of money by losing players, demotivating them to spend money or a bad marketing system overall. Even if it isn't the CM Teams fault, you have to tell them that they lose money and how they can change that. You HAVE to convince them. This is the job of every worker in any company to share his thoughts about improving the turnover his company makes. Simple thing get your booty up and tell them they have to change cuz yeh maybe "Why change smth? it works." , For NOW. But what if they lose GFO completely? Some players will spend till the last day the servers are online. And then all the money they get from this game is gone. And then they gonna cry about it.

    Well i was a long time a friend of candies in pve also in pvp but we have tbh since this time a lot of stuff happened and was updated also new content was released. Candies were a try to fix the bad animations of some classes which make them boring to play in any part of this game. I played most of all classes, more than the half in 100 PvP active and definetely dont want them to come back cuz it benefits some classes which need an animation boost but also makes some classes, which obv. dont need more nerf, weaker. Instead of addding candies back to the game the already a long time ago needed animation update of ALL classes should maybe be done. Candies also made a lot of people stop playing their class, sure cuz buttonsmashing and killing players with not knowing what you do isnt possible anymore. Better animations obv. make pvp smoother also you were able to use the proccs with 5 sec duration cuz you dont had 3 sec animation. Addind them to pve would also be bad cuz classes like druid which cant use them dont benefit in any way and are already nerfed as hell in 91+ since defdowns dont work on any dungeon boss.

    Finally there is a merge which was already clear 3 months after the launch. I wrote a lot of suggestions before the launch to Morgoth and he agreed with most of them. Sadly Aeria didnt follow AGAIN the advices of players who play this game longer than every PM. Instead of doing your own thing or listen to Aeria just listen to the players what you should change, patch, do as event or how you should change/improve tables, Tiered Spender and Item Mall. I like to help as long as you dont ask for it and then do exactly NOTHING of the suggestions