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    Gear   Awssum   God You make very valid points. And you have all given me at least some confidence, I've been around a long time I've seen good and bad of both the staff and GS's. All I was asking is a chance to prove myself, and yeah I don't use forum a whole lot to post anything I usually just read around the forum. And I am around on discord, just don't talk much on there, at least at the moment. Unknown people are scary you don't know if you will like them or hate them, if they can do what they say or can't live up to the exceptions you have. But as I said before I'm around if anyone needs help GS tag or not.

    As one of the applicants on the list, and after reading some of your comments, I can understand your frustration. I've been playing this game 8+ years and still have not reached lvl 100 on a toon yet. That's fine I'm working on it. I am primary based on pvp channel because it's quieter and easier to grind without lots of people around. I do help people regularly where I can with the knowledge I have gained over the years. I'm also on daily. Yes I'm unknown to most of you because I've always stayed within in my guild helping others or new players that have just joined and need a hand with low level dungeons and information, some even join the guild I'm in because of it, some don't. Try to understand just because you don't know someone doesn't mean they are a bad person or don't wish to help. One of the reasons I wished to be a GS was to give back to you all who helped me including previous GS's who we all miss dearly. Even if I don't make GS all you have to do is give me a whisper and I'd be more than happy to help where I can. My characters are in my signature, so feel free to give me a whisper in game or you can easily message me on discord Kitty#9171. I'm always online via discord.

    Hi all \o thought I'd reshare my artwork with ya all seen as my previous account was closed down (like any other accounts from when this site was first added). Thought I'd start by sharing a sketch of my gearmaster KittySai :D Will improve on it later for now this is what I have so far ^^