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    As one of the applicants on the list, and after reading some of your comments, I can understand your frustration. I've been playing this game 8+ years and still have not reached lvl 100 on a toon yet. That's fine I'm working on it. I am primary based on pvp channel because it's quieter and easier to grind without lots of people around. I do help people regularly where I can with the knowledge I have gained over the years. I'm also on daily. Yes I'm unknown to most of you because I've always stayed within in my guild helping others or new players that have just joined and need a hand with low level dungeons and information, some even join the guild I'm in because of it, some don't. Try to understand just because you don't know someone doesn't mean they are a bad person or don't wish to help. One of the reasons I wished to be a GS was to give back to you all who helped me including previous GS's who we all miss dearly. Even if I don't make GS all you have to do is give me a whisper and I'd be more than happy to help where I can. My characters are in my signature, so feel free to give me a whisper in game or you can easily message me on discord Kitty#9171. I'm always online via discord.

    So do you expect the community to "accept" you as GS based purely on good faith? No one said that you're a bad person, what we're saying is that there is absolutely no validation out there of your eligibility or capability to become a GS. We've seen nothing from you in-game (not even your name), you have literally 2 forum posts as of this time (I'm not even active on forums and have more posts than you), no significant GF Discord activity, no involvement with the community; the list goes on. Remember that your GS tag makes you a representative of the whole EN community, so if your community involvement is only limited to your guildmates, then you better stay off GS because these tags are for the whole lot of GF, not just that little portion of the game you call guildmates.

    I will end my rant with this quote from our lord and savior Itachi, which pretty much summarizes what I've said:

    Language is not my primary concern. It's more of the community identity. I've detailed that in a previous post but it's not being approved for some reason (does every single post have to go through a moderator here? That's a bit tedious). I hope you can read it.

    If I had to guess i would say that its easier to merge siwa and sanctum cuz they are in one launcher

    Yes you are right that most of the siwa players were from PT and not EN but its unlikely that they are going to "dominate" sanctum. There are no reasons for em to come to sanctum since they have their own server. Even if - its not gonna be many ppl so we dont have to worry about a "2nd PT server"

    Saying there's no reasons for them to come to Sanctum is far-fetched. If that was the case, you wouldn't have seen a huge population of PT players migrating to Siwa when it was released. They are not as fond of their native server as you may think.

    Sanctum is being merged with an international server, indirectly making it one. Moreover, the amount of PT players Siwa already has is in itself a motivation for more "foreigners" to join. The idea of that happening is not comforting for people like me, people who have consciously made the choice of playing the English server, not the "international" (Siwa), or Portuguese, or Spanish, or French. I would like Sanctum to stay English and keep its identity.

    Very fair point. However, I am not concerned about what language will be spoken specifically. It's more of the general "identity" of Sanctum. When I first opened up my browser and looked up GF, I chose to play the English server (Sanctum) as that's the language and community I'm oriented to.

    Having an international server with a dominant population of Portuguese players that are possibly even more than Sanctum's English players shoved into the server I've chosen primarily because it was advertised as English is quite disappointing and concerning to say the least. The "EN" aspect of Sanctum now seems to be even more at risk of becoming inferior, first after the DE/IT merge, and now with the Siwa merge. I hope that the staff considers this point carefully.

    I am concerned about some aspects of this merge. Siwa was advertised as an international server, thus, players from PT, ES, and FR servers all were playing too.

    In fact, the majority of Siwa players were PT players (I would say at least 80% of the population were PT). This is where my concern comes from. Why was merging with Sanctum, which is an EN server, the primary choice? I am concerned how PT players (and other nationalities) are going to blend in with the "EN" community, seeing that they were the "dominant" nationality in Siwa. I even expected if a merge would ever happen, it would have been between Siwa and PT. So how are we, as an EN community, going to deal with the influx of foreigners joining Sanctum? I am concerned that Sanctum is going to end up like a 2nd PT server, where the EN community becomes the inferior one because of the difference in population.