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    iGeneric i'm not sure about what im going to say but im pretty sure we will never have back Nyx and Darkshade, the problem of communication and the no respect that CMs/PMs have with GSs put Nyx and Darkshade to take the decision to leave their role.

    @[CM]Parex the rules was pretty clear, if you get a ban cant became a GS. i've never partecipate to the application since i got a lot of ban in past (before the merge).

    That is a good point, if we should not throw shade at players who did bad things in previous years, whats the point of not allowing players an application who had a previous ban even if temporary.

    This is dumb. Players are human, and they can do this thing called "learning from mistakes". We dont fire CMs/PMs/APMs for being useless half the time, do we? No. *cough* forbidden item tables *cough*. Staff is unable to think on a wider scale and wont ever take criticism and they have the gall to judge other players. It's a joke.

    I still dont quite understand why you're hiring GSes though. As far as i know, 4 really good, knowledgeable ones left recently because they were fed up with the fact that no matter how many times they've tried communicating with the gf staff, they were just ignored. You guys still undermine the lot of them, and refuse to communicate properly, ie: forbidden item releases on tables which were definitely put up out of desperation and with pure intent (it was no accident), with not so much an explanation. Maybe if you listened to the GSes...hmmm...You want us to spend but you refuse to listen to what we want. Okay.

    EDIT: I also love how your list consists of people whom i never even see helping people out in chat. Ever. Are generally hidden from sight most times, and only log on to clay. Such a garbage list. You drove 4 perfectly good GSes out for...these people? lel.

    That's because they dont. Im only putting this here because you asked me Nofe. Even though they're not even going to care. Tbh, there's no real reason for a GS position anymore. Not when they dont get taken seriously or even care about the suggestions or input, that they've taken hours to put together. Every. Time.
    And for once, this isnt directed at you Parex.

    We're really tired of your lack of communication with us, the players. We all know why **4** GSes left out of the blue. Our community is small, and it's not rocket science. We already know why they left. There is no reason in trying to gloss it over...they definitely did not leave for "personal reasons" lol.

    -We know the release of the pyre rings were just a lab test on us. We were told certain items would **not** be GM Wishable, and as end-game items, would not be released into clay tables. Just this year alone, and near the end of the year, you have broken these promises without so much as giving us an explanation, or if this will be a regular thing moving into 2019. This speaks volumes on about how much trust we really should put into the GF team, seeing as there is no point in making promises from hereon out.

    -Lack of promos. On two of the biggest major holidays, 1 week apart. We had bland promos, nothing out of the ordinary that we dont normally get from time to time. That was it. In fact, because of that convenient server down **on New Years**, you've inconvenienced alot of people, who didnt know if what was left of the bland promos was going to be lengthened further or not.

    -Lackluster content updates. Lack of archive updates. Stop releasing items if you cant find a way for us to store them, apart from making 99999999999 alts.

    -Unannounced clay table changes. Numerous at that. The first time it was apparently changed because it "wasnt meant for our server". But even just in the past week we've had numerous changes while people were in the middle of claying, with **zero** reasons given or answers or followup.

    Why is it that when problems arise, we're never told of anything. We're constantly being led around in circles. Your staff is breaking down whatever motivation there is to trust/spend/be loyal to this game, one at a time. There's seldom any apologies, let alone compensation (and no, xp boost isnt a compensation, it's a lazyman's temporary patch-up). Can we get some actual answers. Using bait forbidden items with 0.0000001% rng to land on just to make people clay more is only going to take you so far.

    You know you dont give a rat's @ss when you non-challantly put the same table at the same time on the next day, knowing full well how upset people were over having to sacrifice alot to make it to the first one. Worst of all, the copy+paste apology came 2 days after the fact. This company is beyond salvation. They just have "i dont care what you think" written all over their face. Blatant negligence all the way.

    Parex: "We learn from our mistakes and we'll not reiterate this one."

    fyi, your staff has made this mistake many times before. And it hurt the playerbase back then as well. So no, you have not learned from your mistakes.

    Due to the fact that the table was promised to be released with only a short 3-hour time period, many timezones were affected. Not only did alot of players sacrifice their time (staying up late, waking up early...etc) and money (calling in sick, losing a days' worth of pay-->as i did) in an effort to participate in this table, it was late by 2.5hours. It was only up for a brief 20~30mins, despite GSes having contacted Alikar and Mechium. Tuorzel was ACTUALLY online at 9pm server time on discord, but he went OFFLINE after 10mins without a single word despite many tagging him for answers. This is poor management. Not only will the players never get proper compensation for it, but it's also not the first time the staff failed to deliver on their promises. It's hard, going forward, to trust the staff or even in spending additional AP when they keep shafting us left and right with 0 commitment shown and 0 repercussion for the staff's negligence. You've lost a customer today, and i used to spend thousands of $ per month. And im also aware of many members in my guild that have also said that they will be playing this game less. Please do your jobs correctly. If you cant be present to activate the tables, dont announce it to be on for such a short time. It's a waste of time for everyone.