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    Alright, due to only having two entries. You both will receive 10 Magic Alchemy Clay! Please keep an eye out on your item mall for the CM to send out the rewards



    US graduation is a time of remembering. With all the seniors of the past school year leaving, lots are in tears! People have parties, ultimately to remember the years of the past. The walk is the symbol of moving on from either Highschool (or College if you're lucky!) Saphael has its own number of seniors and we all want you to remember them!


    Your Task!

    -Almost everyone has been a senior or knows a senior!

    -Write a story!!

    -Story: Your favorite memory from this "school year" if you aren't in school, that's okay! Just pick a memory from August 2018-May 2019 and write about it! (Paragraph=5-7+ sentences, the more sentences the more points! Story= 3+ paragraphs)


    1. Just have fun with it, lol

    2. Look above, write a story. About three paragraphs or longer (the longer the more points) A paragraph is 5+ sentences


    It's a surprise, but its well worth participating :)


    This event will be open from:

    May 20-25


    It goes here btw ;)

    Congrats, all three of you have been awarded

    Luscious Pudding x10
    Magic Alchemy Clay x5

    The winner, is Ghost!

    Hasty Onyx Lion Combat Mount



    Cinco de Mayo is a celebration that all people love, and Saphael has its own version! Whether you are a part of the Hispanic tradition or not, Saphael has a party going on!


    Your Task!

    -Decorate a balloon in your favorite party gear, make sure it has a face and decorate to show what kind of party he is going to.

    -Draw a face on your blown up balloon, place streamers around all over, and take a lovely photo of your balloon creation with your party decorations behind


    1. Just have fun with it, lol

    2. Your post must include, two pictures, one of the decorations without the balloon and one with the balloon. It must also include your discord name and in game name <3


    It's a surprise, but its well worth participating :)


    This event will be open from:

    May 5-10


    It goes here btw ;)

    After the long awaited post of who the winner is, (had a bit of complications with the final stage judges)

    Nyx has been declared the winner of Day Three!

    Day two is complete, the first person to send their mail with the correct answers was Nikki!

    1. 7.5 Min

    2. Roosters don't lay eggs (Never)

    3. Rabbits wearing glasses

    4. You

    5. The egg was dropped at a height greater than three feet so after falling three feet it had not hit the ground

    Day three is now posted :)



    Easter is here, and with it come the festivities that quite a few practice.

    This year, we want to create a new tradition!

    The Sprite King bestows his blessing on you..

    That is; if you can complete a few tasks for him



    Day one is here, take a screenshot dressed up as Easter itself! Post below your BEST screenshot!



    Day two is here. Mail [GS]Fae in game with your answers to each riddle and an explanation to each answer of how you thought of it.

    Please send the mail with:


    example of mail message:

    [ G S ] F A E

    1. Answer; how did you get it

    2. Answer; how did you get it

    3. Answer; how did you get it

    4. Answer; how did you get it

    5. Answer; how did you get it

    please make it all capital letters with spaces in between each letter

    RULE UPDATE: you cannot cheat, this includes looking up answers or sharing them with other members, if caught cheating you will be disqualified.

    The person that messages all five answers correct, wins the prize.

    1. To dye a single Easter egg takes 7.5 minutes if you leave it in dye. How long would it take to dye 3 eggs?
    2. A rooster lays an egg at 6:00 AM. When does the farmer find it?

    3. How do you know carrots are good for your eyes?

    4. You walk into a room with a rabbit holding a carrot, a pig eating slop, and a chimp holding a banana.Which animal in the room is the smartest?

    5. A man drops an egg onto the cement. The egg doesn't break after falling 3 feet. How could this be?



    Create a masterpiece! Make a fan art of your main character in Grand Fantasia dressed up in Easter-themed stoof. (example: bunny ears & bunny tail, holding a bag of easter eggs with an easter outfit on, in a bunny suit, etc) Post it here!

    Day three will be open till April 26th!!!



    1. Players may only enter each day once

    2. That's pretty much it. Have fun~ <3


    [Participation Prize] All participants each day will receive..

    FIVE Magic Alchemy Clays (NT)

    [Day Rewards] Two winners each day will receive...

    It depends on the day, stay tuned as this post gets updated.

    Day rewards will be released as each day is released!

    April 20 DAY REWARD: Romantic Felissan Cart

    April 21 DAY REWARD: Radiant Couple's Egg Carriage

    April 22 DAY REWARD: Hasty Bouncy Bunny Combat Mount


    Winners have been posted! Thank you for participating. Winners please send a letter to [GS]Fae in game and say whether you want the female package or the male!



    April First.. the day of the fools... Show your foolish spirit by partaking in this day's festivities. [GS]Fae seems to be running a booth of sorts?!


    [GS]Fae's booth seems to be a dance off battle~

    Dress up in your favorite costume, and have four more prepared ahead of time!

    Upon [GS]Fae beginning the event your job is to dance with her! As time passes by, Fae will get tired of your costumes and ask you to switch! Be careful with what you choose however, if Fae doesn't like your costume you'll get taken off her list!

    All participants of ALL four rounds will receive a prize. In order to participate in each round, you must change at least one article of costume. But if you change all four you might just get a chance at the grand prize!



    1. Only one character can be present per person

    2. Players caught cheating will be banned from future events hosted by me!
    3. Try not to talk in yell chat during the event... GSFae needs it clear to make sure you know when to switch costumes


    The players left on GSFae's secret list by the end of the event will receive a Value Pack!
    You can choose between either the: Tank, Healer, DPS, or Looter.
    You also get to choose either the male or female costume listed below!

    [Pack 1: Tank]
    Tank Icon, Premium Health Potion x3

    [Pack 2: Healer]
    Healer Icon, Premium Intelligence Potion x3
    [Pack 3: DPS]
    DPS Icon, Premium Strenght Potion x3
    [Pack 4: Looter]
    Looter Icon, NT Legendary Lucky Charm x3

    Casual Fanboy Tee OR Casual Fangirl Tee

    Participation Prize
    15 NT Magic Alchemy Clays


    This event will be hosted 04/01/2019 at 19:00 Server time

    LOCATION: Kaslow Crystal Square (130,280)



    Ah, Spring! A time when the young women's and men's thoughts turn to outdoors and fishing and gardening! Let us enjoy what many believe to be the best season of them all! With the Spring Solstice upon us lots of gratitude is being sent to the gods and goddesses for this season to go spectacular!


    You have your own part to play this new season! The Sprite King has requested that you aid in sending your thanks to the Goddess Freya.

    The Goddess Freya loves all things Spring! This season she would love to see the most SPRING she has seen ever. What the Sprite King asks is for you to dress up for the occasion! Deck out in all things Spring, whether it be flora or fauna centered. Then he wants to see you in the BEST spring-themed map.


    1. You must submit two screenshots in two different costumes and two different locations

    2. Deck out in spring themed costumes & take a screenshot in a spring-filled area

    3. Players caught entering more than once will be disqualified

    4. Your post MUST include, the screenshot, your IGN name, your forum name and (if you have one) your discord name! Any posts that do not have these will be null and void

    5. The screenshot cannot be taken in any of the three major cities (Kaslow, Ilya, Jale)

    6. We encourage creativity, so have fun with it! Photoshop a message for the Goddess if you want <3


    The Goddess Freya has loved your gratitude being sent and wants to reward you!

    There will be a total of three winners, each winner will receive the entire costume set listed below. If you win you must message [GS]Fae in game via mailbox with your choice of male or female.


    -Sunflower Shades

    -Golden Faerie Wings

    -Casual Fanboy Tee

    -Sunny Sprite Sunflower


    -Floral Butterfly Headdress

    -Golden Faerie Wings

    -Casual Fangirl Tee

    -Sunny Sprite Sunflower

    The Goddess Freya is overjoyed for your participation!

    Participation Prize:

    x3 Magic Alchemy Clay


    This event will be open from:

    March 22-29



    >Princess (Princess)

    >ladyfreya (LadyFr3ya)

    >Delicacy (Ariselle)

    The Participants of this event..

    SilkyDevil (AmayaAkane)

    Reserve (Reserve)

    Diamondgem (Diamondgem)

    MochiMochi (Aylin)

    Sesame (Sinmin)



    The world of the faeries is vastly different than the other specie's world in Saphael... At least that's what the faerie queen Fae thinks... Despite her age and her position she is quite naive and curious. Maybe if she found out more about the world of Saphael she would be smarter and wiser?

    "GET YOUR NEWS, GET YOUR NEWS!" The small sprite seemed to be carrying a flier of sorts. You grabbed it into your two hands and looked at it.... The Faerie Queen Fae was asking for help? She had a few questions that she wanted to ask you... Apparently you would be rewarded if you answered them?


    1. Only one character can be present per person

    2. If you get the question wrong, no points will be awarded

    3. To make it fair you only have one shot at answering each question

    4. Players caught cheating will be banned from future events hosted by me!

    5. Cheating includes sharing answers with others, helping in any way

    6. Yell chat must remain clear during the event so [GS]Fae can clearly ask the question

    7. You may only win once, and there will be a total of six winners


    The six players who answer the most amount of questions right will receive x10 M-Alchemy Clays


    This event will be hosted on:

    Sunday, March 31

    Location: Moonlight Forest


    Server time: 19:00

    Channel: US


    GS Name [GS]Yami
    Gender Male
    Age 29
    Country Puerto Rico
    Job Phantom
    Guild »Rebirth«

    Who Am I?

    I've been playing Grand Fantasia since open beta. I like playing games like Dragon Age, Witcher, my favorite game series is Persona. Watching anime is what i like to do most of the time, too many to say each. My discord name is


    Playing Piano
    Watching movies with my brother
    Playing games with friends
    Chilling when I get free time

    What I Like About Grand Fantasia

    Anime theme
    Friends I made overtime
    The sprite crafting system


    GS Name [GS]Fae
    Gender Female
    Age 21
    Country United States
    Job Marketer
    Guild N/A

    Who Am I?

    I've been playing Grand Fantasia for about 8 years. I really like to eat all food really, especially anything sweet. (AKA Reese's Peanut Butter Cups). I started watching Darling in the FRANXX and consider it my favorite anime. I really like all things fantasy & my favorite mythical creature are..... *drumrolls* faeries! I also love foxes, and I have a very cute fox tattoo. I mainly play Grand Fantasia, but I also like to play VRChat. If I am not online in game you can find me on discord @Fae#6293.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Playing Grand Fantasia
    Digital Art & Sketching
    Video Games LOL

    What I Like About Grand Fantasia

    Costumes!! Costumes!! Costumes!!
    Sitting by Kaslow Bank ;)
    Events <3
    VFS & Dungeons


    Let's give a warm welcome to the GS team!


    [GS]Mika ; [GS]Rikka ; [GS]Koi ; [GS]Noise ; [GS]Chibu ; [GS]Pachi ; [GS]Yami

    & the lovely females of the group [GS]Tsuki & [GS]Fae

    Below, you can read a bit about each GS and what they like to do ~


    The Guessing Games


    The faeries of Saphael loves playing tricks on unsuspecting people. The faerie queen [GS]Fae wants to do something that outshines all the other faeries. She decided to drag a human along and play a little game. [GS]Chibu happened to be in her way and so she pulled him aside and whispered in his ear, the lovely thoughts of THE GUESSING GAMES.


    This little game is based on points~ There are three tiers of prizes. First place gets 4 points, Second place gets 3 points, Third place gets 2 points and Participants get 1 point. After the end of each round, those with the most points wins the First box item, and so on so forth. Make sure to stick around because for every question you answer you get one entry to win an assorted pack containing.... MFI4 (x5) ; MClay (x10) & Any consumable of choice (x10)! With a max of 30 entries! There are three rounds in which you have a chance to answer the questions correctly.

    • DO NOT enter using multiple characters or share answers with other players. If you are caught cheating you will be banned from the future events I host.
    • Please do not request your prize after the event. The Community Managers have a lot on their plate and will send the prizes within a reasonable time frame.
    • Prizes are NOT resent! Be careful; we do not grievance with you not checking your mailbox.


    Those that participate will be entered into a raffle to earn the following kit:

    MFI4 x5

    MClay x10

    Consumable of Your Choice x10

    Check out the Public Google Sheet for a complete list of what you could win~…cxeF2ercfg-gWY/edit#gid=0