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    "but xlegend mimimi" please develop your point.

    We spent quite a time to review each one of your application, I know that sometimes those results are frustrating, I can perfectly understand your point of view on this.

    But it's also my call to take a decision based on your answers and on what we except from a GS. We need reliable and a moderate-mindset Game Sage to share with the community and a real will to improve the community communication and events. About the game's life and improvement, it's more our CM tasks to work on it.

    1) Some people, I’m not gonna mention whom specifically have a track record of public flaming and toxicity. As a matter of fact some of those people would’ve been banned long time ago if you actually took the time to assess these individuals and their behaviour. This is why no one is fond of this list

    2) You want to improve communication and such meanwhile almost half of your ex GS team stepped down due to lack of communication and willingness to collaborate with your ex GS, don’t try to butter up people by saying something like this you CMs have had a track record for incoherent/lazy communication. Half of your team is gone and you seriously expect people to buy this? Come on now.

    Thanks for reading.

    Well written thread, it's the same concept as printing money. Countries don't randomly print money because it'll cause inflation all round and it's what we're witnessing with the current concept of no MO cap, people are just generating gold with no real value.