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    I think that would be a nice idea to bring back features like AP cards trading, it was a huge economy... Limitations on dungeons runs are a nice idea as well . Also in my opnion , a very huge economy problem are the alchmies like taro ones, that are still a reality on other servers, it's just insane how certain lvl 90 sets nowdays are going for 600k+, and once they were no more than 100k. I totally agree with the fact that players should do world bosses to farm end game content, but the drop rates are ridicoulous... I also know that it was already discussed for long time, but that's still a huge economy problem. My personal solution would be to bring back with like a 3 months delay ( so not often, just sometimes, or maybe during particular events like Xmast, Easter , idk) alchemies like taros and galactic nuclei. People will invest for sure more in things like that to buy clays in item all, than wasting 60k ap just to buy a 90 set. Also, if the economy is in the players hands, it's just a loop, there won't be a too long change, so i think that also putting in a price limitation on things like clays, that are used for basically every trade that's over 100k gold, wouldn't be a bad thing. Regards-