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    Regardless of either opinion a drop in cost alone is not going to fix the economy. Sure AP/Item/Gold ratio can be compared to prices (AP->Items-><-Gold) in the game from past dates, but was it truly easy to claim such items then at lower prices either? Items and golds value will always reflect. Dungeon runners will have a hard time regardless because people have out grown the difficulties of the dungeons and will rather solo them with alternate accounts, the final destination yes would help with this but for players who are to weak to run dungeons they will also still struggle to find a party. Its really a sad loose-loose situation. And Ofc having a AP shield and hoarding is a huge advantage, which is why a price drop isn't going to be enough. We need to work together as a community to find a solution that helps all players, yes this forum appears a little bias towards players who want the MO limit and yes even if Dark's opinion maybe supported by the information he gave(even if the supported data is factual) , however. all other opinion are welcome here and we need the mixture of opinions to find better solutions for our server in the future. I am choosing to stay unbaised for this topic because I want to leave it to the players to decide what they feel is best, however this is no vote or poll. This is a collection of opinions on how you the players feel about the current economy. There is no right or wrong answer,only ideas, feedback, or suggestions. All feedback positives or negatives need and MUST be heard. WE need an intervention to help keep the game going smoothly and we need to search all the possibilities.

    can't agree more what you said and @KurysFlame and MoM is 90% true

    You need to delete your posts faster bro. 80k is nothing to me. It's also nothing to most of the server. Because 80k is nothing. Just repost here so people can see how irrelevant it was

    it's not deleting it because i sent something wrong it's because i saw how useless talking to people like you so decided you end the conversation with you . 80 nothing for you but it is for other people

    If the people who control the items control the price and make it higher than you can afford then they never get their money because they CAN'T SELL IT. Please take a look at the big picture and realize that none of that had anything to do with the actual problem. Your money is worthless bro. That's the problem. You can't buy 1 USD with 1 Zimbabwe dollar. And your gold is worth less than a Zimbabwe dollar bro. Google how economies work and come back when you get it.

    that's exactly what we are trying to sell we talk about rarity of items if i have an item that no one have i control the price then when i read most posts i see people talk about MO gold it's all about rarity but also about money sinks

    like i say even if you close dunguns forever it wont force me to sell items low

    If you stop people from spamming MOs all day they won't have as much gold as before and can't afford 1,3k Clays anymore. Due this, the seller of the clays can't sell his clays anymore, which makes him to sell them at lower prices. This effect is obviously not going to happen at the same day, but slowly it will, with some time.

    Also, Dark is talking about generating gold, not trading between gold which is already in the circulation. And if players generate more gold, things are going to be more expensive - no matter if they are rare or not.

    i agree with you i give you a thumps up but that still doesnt mean stop MO but there are many ways one of them is undergroud SHop /GM titles shop and many other servicies that the game can offer

    i've been looking at your conversation both of you and i think that what mom's say is true if you wanna talk about economey it's not only about dungeons i dont support that idea at all but many things can fix the economey such as selling AP again / make new updates on archives fix the rate of items so you can fix their price if i 'm the only one who have an item i can cotrol it's price in the AH no matter how poor are people but if many people have it or got it the price will be controlled as the market ! i see that mom has a reason on what she's talking about

    As i said in my last post ! i read everything i know what you mean by gold inflation but do you know that the new players aren't that mush affecting the gold inflation since they only run with 1 account mostly ! what they do is :they buy PT they pay and they get like how mush? we say they get 70 Each run every 10 runs they 700 g you think that affect gold inflation? also 700 G in 10 runs.

    Then we find people that actually sell PT for gold are only using one Account , maybe 2 that fact mean that they probably lag or slow at the runs or something but what i wanna say is that most runners are slow it's like 4-5 min the good ones are like 3 min each run 10 runs = 700 G for the new players they need 7 hours to make 7 k gold , 7 k ?? you think this will affect the gold inflation ? no of course no

    You can just go AF K kasslow and you'll see people that have more than 5 million gold , how did i know ? ( WTB M-clays x5000 1.1 k EA ) WTB X1000 thos ones have the most gold in the server

    saying gold inflation gave me An other idea why not giving thos rich people that want to buy 5000 clay more items to buy and here we know why underground shop then we wait to see the gold graph

    as i said MO Mustn't be limited at all but making only 2 clients able to open is a good and a perfect solution !

    Don't put everything on how to fix the economy but say what will result on making MO limited ?

    Pros and Cons

    thank you !

    I can also say that not limitting MO but instead of that Limitting the Clients is a new version of MO limit it's an evolution of MO limit