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    I understand in that aspect why you did it, but I think you need to appeal to ALL the community rather than just that side of the community, there is a large amount of the community that does not trade in clay simply because they do not have enough clay to do so. I see people trading in clay simply because items are worth so much more than capped gold is, so clay ends up being the best option for the large AP spenders who have hundreds of clay to spend and trade. The "Appeal to reason" Was the wrong approach because you make it seem like the community is unreasonable, so you are trying to appeal to any reason that there is, to try to get people to see your side and only your side rather than trying to approach a conversation to discuss ways the community can suggest to help this issue. Show your data and the issues that is happening, show when this has happened and what you think has caused the issues, ask the community what they think could be a good idea to solve this, say you have some ideas yourself but since honestly its a big thing. It impacts the community a lot and any changes of course is going to impact their game play and what they do in the game, It should be our choice as well if you are trying to reach out to us to give us what you think needs to be done. It doesn't give much room for a lot of people to actually warrant wanting to state what they think is the best way to move forward with the issue. Your only comment against what i said seems to be in defence to my comment about your AP comparison, you did not seem to take anything else into account that was said about things that need to be changed and ways to do it even if i didn't state too many ways i think that could be done since i had wrote so much already.

    You still seem to be appealing too much towards the economy that is based around AP spenders, more specifically long running AP spenders who know a lot more about the clay economy than others and want to make the most out of the clay they buy with their money. I know many AP spenders who have many characters with multiple alts with capped gold that they have no use for until something new comes along or a new character they have so they can simply spend that, then sell more clay or items to get that gold back again easily. AP spenders make up a large portion of the community, they set the pace for the rest of the player base in PVP, GVG and so on with their gear and items, forts, stones and so on. But because of this reason a lot of people tend to forget the rest of the player base in the game, they forget about the new players, they forget about long running non AP spenders who are trying to make their way through the game and enjoy it, to enjoy PVP and GVG without getting one shot by a fully kitted our character. More specifically by the Mech and Explorer classes but that is a whole different story right there.

    I understand why you wanted to respond when you did, but you did not take the time to at least respond to everything that was said, rather than just the AP part. That wasn't the key focus to my post and you seem to have skipped over over 70% of my post, i'd appreciate it, if you want to comment on my post then please take the time to comment to it rather than only comment to what you want to defend against.

    Thank you.

    Only one thing i am curious about, I haven't read all of the comments yet but... I do not understand why the main focus around the economy is based around the starting fact of the price of Magic Alchemy Clay does not seem like the best choice to discuss. You want the game to be less pay to win but discuss the main thing that is AP based which people spend and trade amongst the community which isn't really not pay to win if i'm perfectly honest. I understand if there is a general problem with the economy in the game but that should not be the way to go about discussing it, If you want to appeal to the entire community you shouldn't be sounding like someone who spends AP and want's the main currency that is used other than gold to be less expensive.

    Also to speak on the MO limits, I seen some people mention about people unable to find parties since so many people now just solo with 5 characters logged in to do so since they do not need to do final destination anymore. Which yes i understand there are people who can spam it a lot because they are able to do so, but for the people who are able to solo on one character that gold can help them so much, when they don't spend AP to get clay's or items to sell, that is enough gold to at least help them collect on sprites for gear, helping pay for the items for gear, weapons or even to help pay for forts to even get on par with all the AP spenders even if its only very slowly. Which can cause a big decrease in the smaller players who don't have tons of time to play the game due to school, work or even just because they are new to the game and are just trying to get used to it but getting rid of stuff like that completely could deplete a lot of those people. Small changes like at first re adding the final destination to alleviate some of the people making multiple characters that are not geared simply just for the extra gold, small changes are a lot better than drastic changes to the game and the economy. If you make too many drastic changes the consequences could be too drastic all at once, you could lose more people than it will end up being worth, considering the past issues a lot of people have had with the game and its changes. The changes in the population over the years, its not hard to see, i for one have been playing this game over 6 years now along with a lot of the community that still sticks around in this game, there has been times in the past that changes have caused a lot of people to end up leaving the game, some have returned and some have not.

    In conclusion there is a lot in the game that needs to be changed and have a long think about along with speaking to the community on their opinions on what could be changed and what can be improved in game play along with a lot of other things, rather than being told what a GS thinks is wrong and then asking for people with "An appeal to reason". There is a lot of other things that need to be discussed rather than an AP item, things that change game play, how we farm for our items and gear.. Stuff that impact how we play and work on our characters, yes gold is also a part of that but the only part of gold that NEEDS to be in game play for the base of it, is our skills, crafting talents, sprite collecting and crafting and so on. There is a lot to do with game play and farming that needs a lot of work to make people want to farm more and allow gold to be spent a lot better, things like afk farming rose a lot of the prices which doesn't seem to be an issue because it has nothing to do with AP. I do not disagree with the afk farming, but if farming was less of an issue, it doesn't needs to be super easy but it doesn't have to take as long as it does get everything we need for a character, I'm one of the people who does the REP that is needed and farms the talents from the cities among many other things. But even then, i cant farm gold because i'm so busy working on everything else, while everyone who has AP and can get gold so easily can just buy everything they need from other AP buyers which still puts my characters so far behind them even when i have spent so many months and longer working on my character to make it good. There is a lot of other people in this game other than AP spenders, there is people who have school or not enough time to play this game, but still want to make a character good enough and sometimes they are just unable to level without it taking hours which just isn't as fun when it's taking so long just to get one character good enough that it just isn't as fun. I have grinded many days upon days working on characters on levelling, masteries, or set mastery along with many other things, I end up stopping playing for so long just because i just don't find it fun anymore which i'm sure a lot of people feel the same way at times, especially for new players who are still learning.

    My point to all this is, yes i understand things need to change but you are going about things the wrong way and you need to appeal more to the community on what needs to be done rather than force what you think needs to be done on the community, I have even seen you posting broadcasts on the game just to get people to come look at this. Sadly most people don't care enough to comment because they don't see it as an issue and that might be because your approach to trying to solve this issue, I think you need to take a better approach to trying to fix this rather than doing what you have been doing already. Also the fact that i'm sure there is people who do not like the new forum and do not wish to end up using it, even i only started using it mostly because I needed to make my point about this post against how you are trying to go about this. If people think against what i say that is fine, I completely understand. Everyone has a right to their opinion on the matter, but i think everyone in the community needs to have a say before you even think about making a decision, although if it is anything like in the past when the community was asked what they wanted and the majority votes was completely ignored and the CM's and company did what they wanted to do anyway.

    Have a nice day.