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    Greetings fellow Sprite Messengers! Here is a guide to completing the quest available for the valentine's event. Once you finish the final chain in the quest you will have a 3-hour cooldown before you can do these quests again.

    Lvl 15. Sluggish Maid’s Troubles (REP)

    This is the first Quest for the valentine’s day quest line and can be retrieved by going the valentine NPC <Love Master> Master Fazil located at (X:186, Y:267).


    One the quest has been accepted you must first go to <Sluggish Maid> Mara located at (X:217, Y:281) or close to <Pattern Scroll Scribe> Emilia and Stefan>. From here you talk to her and select “Master has sent me to give you some tips” from the conversation options in which she will hand you Exceptional Hand Made Chocolate in your bag.



    Once getting this item from Mara head over to <Proud Padawan> Lino located at (X:152, Y:215). Talk to him and select the first conversation option “This chocolate is a gift from your maid” which will give you the status needed to complete the quest. Once completed hand it in the Master Fazil and retrieve the next quest form him.


    Lvl 15. Innocent Proud Padawan (REP)

    After handing in the sluggish Maid’s Troubles quest accept this quest from Master Fazil and make your way over to <Proud Padawan>Lino.

    Talk to Lino and select the second option” Did you write this letter?”. When you choose this option notice that you get some dialog but you will gain a buff called (I’ll Never Admit It). You must talk to Lino 10 TIMES using the second option in order to get 10 stacks.



    After you have gotten your 10 stacks of the buff talk to Lino again and choose the third option “Are you secretly in love with your maid?” this will then allow you to get the correct status of (Aww... You’re shy!) and allow you to hand the quest in to master Fazil.


    Lvl 15. A Man who should attack bravely! (REP)

    The last quest in the valentines quest line requires you to retrieve the quest from <Proud Padawan> Lino. Once you retrieve the quest you will retrieve a quest item called Heirloom Ring.


    You are required to collect 9 fresh flowers from kaslow plains which the location of these flowers is shown below.


    Simply attack the flowers and pick up the drop you will need to get 9 of these flowers. Once you have retrieved 9, head to kaslow and go to the Alchemist Banight located at (X:258,Y:263) .Talk to Banight and choose the first option “Perform Alchemy”. Put the Heirloom ring into the formula slot and select alchemy. This will give you the Bouquet of Love required to complete the quest.



    Last step is to hand in the quest to Lino and you will get your Prayer of Love Gift Pack and Master Fazil’s Love Code.



    *Lvl 15. Master Fazil's Love Book*

    This is the quest can be retrieved from <Fazil's Follower> Yago located at (X:184,Y:267). The requirements of this quest is to collect 20 of Master Fazil's Love Code which can be acquired by completing the Lvl 15. A Man who should attack bravely! (REP). The completion of this quest will give you a limited time title.