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  • Nycky

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    Might wanna include something like this lol

    WL :

    TEMP :

    SS :

    DS :

    PP :

    MYST :

    AM :

    DM :

    GM :

    GN :
  • Lionheart

    Replied to the thread Why Siwa needs a tiered spender.
    Yes Siwa needs more players, but a tiered spender would help retain players by making it easier to get helpful things like backpacks, mounts, gia blessing crystals, costumes, and other items that make the game more fun. I want to have what I need to…
  • Thanks everyone for the compliments, I use a wacom inutos tablet, and the program Paint Sai.
    I'm still learning a lot but Im hoping I can improve more before I start drawing for the GF community.
  • Ninetails

    Replied to a comment by Princess on Ninetails’s wall.
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    oooo <3 lemme follow you rq
  • Ninetails

    Replied to the thread Share the Love.
    IGN’s: Ninetails & FeraI
    Option: A (we're always matching as fox ppl hue)
    Entry: l6jarZw.png
  • Shizat

    Replied to a comment by Shizat on fligio’s wall.
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    Vous m'en verrez réjouis a l'infini,
    Que par votre sagesse vous ayez compris,
    Toutes les petites choses qui composent la vie.
    Et même celles que personne n'a prédit.

    Votre ami pour la vie; ShiShi
  • Cecil

    Replied to a comment by Cecil on LEONA’s wall.
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    He entrado últimamente a hacer dungeon sólo, para matar tiempo y recordar momentos, es algo aburrido porque de 3 días que he entrado no he visto ni un amigo mío
  • Arfonia

    Liked Ryoko’s post in the thread Share the Love.
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    Share the Love ~

    qs6QP9.jpg[GS]Mimi & Mordex

    -You may only enter with one account. Entering the event with multiple character will get you disqualified from the event.You will not receive any prizes then!

    As stated in the event title, the goal of this…
  • Tulip

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    >Remove AP Selling
    >Improve your garbage Tiered Spenders

    You won't get away with doing one.
  • Ataashi

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    (Quote from Ataashi)

    THANKS :*
  • Harlequin

    Replied to the thread New rules - feedback!.
    I have a question for the GMs about the rule regarding multilogging. It states that we can't multi log alts to farm gold or power level them. Can I still multi log my alts and use all of them at once to collect mats and craft with my sprites?
  • YumiSama

    Replied to the thread Welcome to Yumi's Art World >uO.
    (Quote from Ataashi)

    THANKS :*
  • YumiSama

    Replied to the thread Welcome to Yumi's Art World >uO.
    (Quote from Razorect)

    I post recent work I have done ?( it's fine I can delete it

    Replied to a comment by Cecil on LEONA’s wall.
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    Nagato!!!!! Jugas GF Lat aún? O te fuiste al Siwa? Te cuento que el Lat esta en estado vegetativo T.T
  • Spikerip

    i believe the Twin blades mastery compliments the Twin blades talent . therefore the mastery stacks with the effects of the talent .
  • rdmatador001

    Wrote a comment on Lorien’s wall.
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    lorien gostaria de relatar um bug na espada de duas mãos gvg do 70 (espada da loucura karma rompido) o dano triplo dela não esta funcionando quando eu ataco com ela aparece que o efeito não causou danos. isso aparece em qualquer mob ^^
  • Spikerip

    Replied to the thread !!NEW CLASSES ANNOUNCEMENT!!.
    Taking a crack on what could be the new class names. I really tried to go back to relate them back to the class descriptions. Good luck to all and hope someones names get picked !

  • Madness_Jesus

    I had a question about one of the Masteries that is given to the Deathknight at level 91 and was hoping to get it cleared up.

    The mastery "Answerer" says that "Every level upgrade increases twin blades Attack speed by 1%". So is that for swords only?…
  • Nya

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    Siwa don't need a Tiered Spender, Siwa need more players D

    So, TS can help to bring more players to Siwa? i guess not.
  • (Quote from HarleyQuinn)

    Hecka cool ( :