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  • Hi Mechium, i saw your "Hi" in game ( BecomeStrong) but on FR GF we can't answer to you because the game said that your name is invalid, sorry.
    But "hi" on return (a)
  • Jogo ta em manutenção ou ta off?
  • PM can we have candies implemented back into pvp and pve please if you want reasons and answers ill give you them on why it needs to be usable again and just used for duels which is meaningless.
    • Hey, this question was brought up in the ask-me-anything form, too. Currently, I don't see any reason to use them again, but if you think you have good reasons, go ahead :)
    • Sure ill give you quite a few

      Firstly: There is and helpful balance to candies as well in the transform mechanics. Most classes have access to a skill or a stone that can revert classes back to their self. Thereby making the other player use another candy and having to buy more from the ap shop enabling for more profit for the game itself since people will be buying candy from the ap shop with ap once there candy has ran out.

      Secondly Candies Are a great solid way to help make the game easier. You can put them in the ap store to make money off of them, all that needs to be done is a update where they dont break the mech classes. They need to be reinstated into dungeons and vfs, simply because dungeons don't really effect the game. Candies in pvp help to balance as well because
      someone using candy cant access a cbm

      Thirdly arena a lot more intense and unpredictable while in
      candy due to the instant animations you never know when a player
      will shroom you etc and arena so you have to somehow be ready for it when and outcome like that would happen which is what makes the
      arena intense a good example of this is in this video here 7:48
      this Templar was caught red handed with a shroom and got
      blasted with the instant animations and thus was taken down
      with no candies it's easy to predict when someone is going do
      something since everyone has and animation thus incidents
      like this rarely happens arena is not intense at all like that when you know something is going happen to you before it's even done.

      Fourthly Every class benefits from using candy some classes have slower animations then others a good example are the physical classes Warlord/Darkstalkers there animation is slow compared to the likes of and Archmage and Demonologist using candy negates that factor a few friends of mine use to play the warlord and Darkstalker branch class in pvp a lot but because of the removal of candy they rarely use them anymore as they allowed those classes to compete since it even out the difference in animation since there is no longer and issue between who has the fastest animation since everyone while using candy is now equal allowing for no class to have and advantage in animation over the other

      Fifth : Arena is a lot more fast paced with candies since everyone has instant animations people are dying faster people and capping the crystal quicker this makes for easier points so anyone trying to farm pvp set can be farmed a lot easier so it's less time consuming for people which helps a lot. Candy also helps when players get rooted/stunned/dizzy'd by everything under the sun as it lessen the amount of time by a bit and players are more then likely going to go for the kill with candy since the opportunity is there it's more open.

      Sixth Candies is what was keeping pve active when candies was still in the game there was a large amount of people farming dungeons on a regular and they will also be implementing candy to the grind allowing them to have quicker dungeon runs allowing them to farm gold quicker. Getting gold is hard enough as it is unless your at a certain level and dungeon farming is definitely quite tedious especially if your doing and absurd amount of runs with candy it allows the dungeons farming to be substantially better then before which is needed because when your doing over 10+ runs you want to be able to do your dungeons as quick as possible to preserve time. With candies it doesn't make it seem time consuming but more fun since it's being completed in such a quick time frame the players won't mind doing it again since there doing the dungeons with absolute ease.

      Seventh: Candies allows for certain builds to be used in arena due to the fact that you have no animations your able to use certain talent combos which slow down your attack speed which wouldn't be able to be done without them which helps with when your fighting a certain branch in arena. Furthermore the candies itself gives benefits a good example is the Yellow Halloween Candy and Red Halloween Candy the Yellow Halloween candy gives 5% physical and magical damage reduction which helps lower the damage of what you would take in pvp and pve which is helpful. You have the Red Halloween candy which gives 3% leech hp so if I'm for example going to solo a dungeon and I was about to die I can just transform into my red candy and leech of the boss or mob I'm attacking.
    • Also a good reason is: Because it doesnt hurt someone, and the most of the commonity wants it back? There was no reason why Candy got removed. It just get removed without letting us know why. As far as I know the TW Server having something like Candy that works in Dungeons and PvP, so why cant we have it? There are enough reaons for it as TheMan mentioned before.
    • You didn't reply to what we said PMMechium
  • poderia me tirar algumas duvidas sobre o jogo pf
    • Hey, if you have some questions, can you please ask in English? You can also contact me on Discord for a sooner reply.