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  • Hey Mel! I really like your touch in design... My vocabulary dont have enough words to explain myself.
    Sadly im want to ask... where do you find the renders? And the render of MoM signature? o:
    • most of my renders are from deviant art with permission from the original artists for use in signatures owo some of them are from google though.. i just find one render i really like the style of on deviantart then related art comes up on the side

      hope this helped
  • adeam insult me and he no kik very good gs
    • i watch in GS aplicatin e see 4 ita , yuo have written that no one has sailed , even liars this gs FR and ESP
    • we arrent just gonna accept ANY person who can speak the language, i said no one WHO QUALIFIED applied

      i didnt say no one applied. push for people who are GOOD not who are not.
  • So you're like not gonna fund me? Kk <3
  • 4 h e a d
  • Hola,no puedo desconectar mi cuenta del foro,no encuentro la opcion para esto,i cant disconect mi acount from the foro ,i dont see the option for pls
    • i only speak english, i dont understand x.x if you have an issue please DM not post on a wall
  • ello Mel <3 much luv