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  • We all know that Grand Fantasia is not the game with the most playerys, but we have a very stable playerbase which goes up and down from time to time, but old as well as new players are still here to enjoy this game. We are a small community, and its really hurts to see the hatred that exists between some players. Of course banter and flame is a part of this game, like it is in any other online game, but seeing some players talking legit bad stuff about others or hating each other for some stupid conflicts or because they are in a certain guild is just childish and bad for everyone. We are all here playing this GAME to have some fun and a good time, and seeing people fighting left and right every day is not fun at all. We all want to see this game alive for a few more years, and insulting others/ trying to get others banned for no reason does not help with this.
    We are a small community, we should stick together more than ever so we can stay one. Just enjoy the game.

    Thanks for reading