Vilefiend Spire

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  • I'd like to make some suggestions meant to improve Vilefiend Spire's experice since, as you will already know, the instance is full of leechers, no matter what.

    Vilefiend Spire's rules, at the moment, can't actually fight off such a problem. That's due to the fact that banning a secondary character doesn't damage in any way whoever created it. After all, it takes half an hour to bring a character up to lvl 31+. Morever, that said character is made just to leech materials. The player wont be affected by any loss.

    Hence why I'd like to suggest you some countermeasures:

    - At the moment 30 people can attend each floor. It might help dropping this number off to 10 people.

    - Each floor should allow different branches' levels to attend it. (Exemple: 1st-5th floor: lvl 80+. 6th-10th floor: 91+. 11st-20th: lvl 100)