Galactic Nuclei Are Back In Our Stratosphere!!

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    They 're back again, like the Aliens or Predators!!

    Try to find them everywhere in Saphael, Seek for colorful meteor impacts!

    Also... they smell super strong, a mix between old eggs and chocolate... yes, really disturbing, but their smell is not the important isn't it?!!

    Find them and become immeasurable strong, intelligent, agile...

    Assimilate their cosmic power and make one with the universe itself!!

    YOU WILL BE THE ONE, Guardian of the Cosmos!!


    FORCE +12%



    VITALITY +10%




    WILL +10%


    AGILIT +12%



    The trick is to go on our cosmic webpage >>Galactic Nuclei<<!!!

    Spend your APs in Grand Fantasia and fill up the Tier Spender bar till the end like a giant cosmic cocktail!! When you filled the glass to the top, you will be able to place the cosmic cherry on the cream. The cherry is the Nucleus. Choose it carefully and assimilate its cosmic stats <3

    And I'm Not the ONE?! ;(

    No worries babes!!! You will still be able to reach the infinity with another CM tip!


    During this Galactic Monday 24th, starting at 9.00 pm until 11:59 pm (Server Time), we placed a really special Interstellar M-Alchemy table!

    Careful cause, like a shooting star, it will be really quick to see...

    Take a look in your Telescope:


    But seriously, can you handle such an heavy gravity power?!


    Event Start: Friday 21, September at 11am (Server time)

    Event Finish: Monday 24, September at 11am (Server time)




  • Please bring this table back this week, we only got it for 30 minutes. And announce that it's coming back at least a day before. qq Heck, maybe give it to us twice as compensation so the European players get to roll at a decent hour. I'm so disappointed.

  • Due to the fact that the table was promised to be released with only a short 3-hour time period, many timezones were affected. Not only did alot of players sacrifice their time (staying up late, waking up early...etc) and money (calling in sick, losing a days' worth of pay-->as i did) in an effort to participate in this table, it was late by 2.5hours. It was only up for a brief 20~30mins, despite GSes having contacted Alikar and Mechium. Tuorzel was ACTUALLY online at 9pm server time on discord, but he went OFFLINE after 10mins without a single word despite many tagging him for answers. This is poor management. Not only will the players never get proper compensation for it, but it's also not the first time the staff failed to deliver on their promises. It's hard, going forward, to trust the staff or even in spending additional AP when they keep shafting us left and right with 0 commitment shown and 0 repercussion for the staff's negligence. You've lost a customer today, and i used to spend thousands of $ per month. And im also aware of many members in my guild that have also said that they will be playing this game less. Please do your jobs correctly. If you cant be present to activate the tables, dont announce it to be on for such a short time. It's a waste of time for everyone.

  • Why even put up a table with exclusive items durning workdays at 2-3am EU time, knowing you’d get backlash for it. Time zones have always been an issue, yeah I get it you can’t please everyone. However, 9pm is quite late, even for US players. By doing that and then failing to put the table up on time, you’re just adding to the fire. So much disappointment.

  • Yes! It finally happened... The downfall of GF we all had thought would come, but not this soon! When a main server has 0 support from CMs all over the world and the game has a table set up for the least populous time ingame, the management can be called incompetent! YES! You guys neglegted the fact that these are REAL PEOPLE offering there REAL TIME and REAL MONEY to be playing this table! I myself stayed up till 5am just to try and get some... but went offline after 2 hours cause the table didnt come. Ofcourse you hear about the fact that every other server has had the table and that the incompetence of the main server is yet another fact. Could we, instead of milking this game out, try and make this game last some longer?? I bet there are thousands of people willing to pay and play once a lot of stuff gets fixed, like this. IT IS AFTER ALL YOUR JOB!! Dont get me wrong... i dont think you guys as CM of this game want to lose your jobs cause the game doesnt make any money anymore... Think about things like this and make a CM be there at promotions like this, just to see that you guys really fucked everyone... next time make the table for example 1 hour online every 8 hours so everyone has an equal chance, but hey? Im just a player and a costumer, rather bann me for telling the truth and calling you out, right?

    TL;DR ... Do your job, keep the game alive! And give us the table again!

  • After they trolled a lot of player without respect what they annunced, now they troll us again putting the alchemy at the same time the following day, so for a lot of player mean 2 days without sleep.

    They will not listen us, if the community was important for them after they have done this mistake they would have apologized and putted the alchemy all day long.

    No one of them after what happened said sorry to the community, they only asked to be patience :D

    That is not how you have to treat the players that spend money and time in this game.

  • You know you dont give a rat's @ss when you non-challantly put the same table at the same time on the next day, knowing full well how upset people were over having to sacrifice alot to make it to the first one. Worst of all, the copy+paste apology came 2 days after the fact. This company is beyond salvation. They just have "i dont care what you think" written all over their face. Blatant negligence all the way.

    Parex: "We learn from our mistakes and we'll not reiterate this one."

    fyi, your staff has made this mistake many times before. And it hurt the playerbase back then as well. So no, you have not learned from your mistakes.