Daily Ditloids [October Event 2018]

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  • ?[D A I L Y ~ D I T L O I D S]?

    The daily ditloids have returned! For the second half of October players will have the opportunity to solve a word puzzle each day to receive rewards. What are ditloids? Ditloids are a type of word puzzle; the number and words, like if, and, the, at, etc., are given while players need to decipher the phrase.

    An example: 20 F for a L C → 20 Fame for a Love Coin.

    ⁇ When

    October 16th - October 31st


    • I will update this thread daily with a ditloid at 12:00 PM server time. It will be announced in-game and on the Grand Fantasia Official Discord.
    • Every ditloid pertains to Grand Fantasia. If you have played the game normally then you should have no issues solving the ditloid. The official name for locations, items, or content is used. No community acronyms or mnemonics are used.
    • Please only send in one mail with your answer. If you send me multiple mails ONLY the FIRST mail received will be counted.
    • DO NOT enter using multiple characters or share answers with other players. We want players to be engaged and enjoy all events. Anyone found cheating will be disqualified and banned from any future events I will host.
    • Please do not request your prize after the event. The Community Managers are tasked with sending out prizes and will do so when they have the time. Prizes are sent via mailbox so please check your mail frequently!
    • Prizes are NOT resent! If you decide to leave your mail sit in the mailbox for weeks and the mail is returned the CM will NOT resend it.
    • Prizes may be sent via Item Mall (IM) so do not be alarmed if you receive random clays or items in your IM!

    ✔ Participation

    Please select one of the following to post as your participation reward when you send in your daily entry:

    • Magic Alchemy Clay
    • Greater Blacksmith's Repair Mallet

    ‼ Raffle

    At the end of the event participants are entered into two raffles.

    • Raffle 1: For those who entered at least 8/15 times one person will receive - GM Title

    • Raffle 2: For all who entered the event, one person will received - 10-Pt Archive Item

    The player with the most correct entries will win a Combat Mount of Choice in addition to the other prizes. Limitations to rewards may apply.

    When you are entered into the raffle your name will be entered as many times for the entries you've given me. The more times you have entered the greater chances of winning!

    How Can I Participate?

    Send [GS]Nyx a mail of your IGN (all capitals + spaces), answer and choice of participation prize.

    Ensure that your mail subject is titled 'Daily Ditloids'.

    Incomplete or insincere/troll mails are IGNORED and may lead to disqualification.

    The mail should look like this:

    Example Ditloid: 3 S in a 1 H W

    Example Mail: If the player's name is Pikachu