[GFWT] #3 - Battle Schedules Update

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    The rematch has been cancelled due to scheduling conflicts among the teams and the staff.

    We apologize for the inconvenience, however all the CMs are working together and the battles are dependant on the schedules of the other servers.


    Here we leave the schedule of the following battles:

    1 BATTLE

    Undecided VS Supreme

    Saturday 20 of October - 16:00 hrs (Germany timezone)

    2 BATTLE

    Txt VS Ushi No Kami

    Saturday 20 of October - 17:00 hrs (Germany timezone)

    3 BATTLE

    Egoist VS AS Turbo

    Saturday 20 of October - 18:00 hrs (Germany timezone)

    4 BATTLE

    Momomilk VS Supreme

    Sunday 21 of October - 16:00 hrs (Germany timezone)

    5 BATTLE

    Ushi no Kami VS Egoist

    Sunday 21 of October - 17:00 hrs (Germany timezone)

    6 BATTLE

    Supreme VS Ushi No Kami

    Sunday 21 of October - 18:00 hrs (Germany timezone)

    Winner of Sanctum:

    USHI NO KAMI!!!!


    If the players show up 5 minutes later than the scheduled time, they are disqualified.

    ATTENTION: The combat has a maximum of 15 minutes but can end sooner if there is a winner, bear in mind that this can advance the following battles!

    We will be streaming all the battles on our Twitch channels, we invite you to join, participate and comment!!

    For the local battles we are going to have our dear GS Dark commenting the battles in our official channel in Discord.

    Do not miss it and support your favorite team!

    >> TWITCH <<

    HERE ARE THE 2nd run of the FIGHTS' BRACKET:


    We are waiting for you!




    - Your GF Team