Spooktacular Soiree [Halloween Event]

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    This Halloween Mika has decided to host the annual Halloween Ball for the staff and volunteers. Unfortunately for him parties require a lot of work and preparation, but he is not deterred! He aims to make an impression and be awarded best host of the century! Mika first will look for his friends to help in setting up for for all of the festivities. Can you help him find them?

    ?When: October 31 - November 6th (maintenance)

    ? Where?: In Saphael on IT channel!

    ?What: Players must run around Saphael in search of Mika’s friends before the party begins! You will know what you're looking for if you read through the event's story. You must mail [GS]Nyx the map/coordinates of the friends they find in the order specified in the story! Once have found all of the friends you must send a second mail with the killer’s name. The clues to the killer’s name is in the story!

    How Can I Participate?

    Send [GS]Nyx a mail of your name with all CAPITALS and s p a c e s with your answer of all the friends + map/coordinates (in the correct order!). Ensure that your mail subject is titled 'Halloween Party'. The mail should look like this:

    Example of the First Mail: If the player's name is CutieFly


    All participants (with sincere answers) will receive a participation reward. Winners will receive an additional reward.

    !! Rules

    • Please only send in one mail with your answer. If you send me multiple mails ONLY the FIRST mail received will be counted.
    • DO NOT enter using multiple characters or share answers with other players. We want players to be engaged and enjoy all events. Anyone found cheating will be disqualified and banned from any future events I will host!
    • Please do not request your prize after the event. The Community Managers (CMs) are tasked with sending out prizes and will do so when they have the time. Prizes are sent via mailbox so please check your mail frequently!
    • Prizes are NOT resent! If you decide to leave your mail sit in the mailbox for weeks and the mail is returned the CM will NOT resend it.
    • Prizes may be sent via Item Mall (IM) so do not be alarmed if you receive random clays or items in your IM!

    ? Raffle

    The raffled item will depend on the number of participants during the event! The more players participating the better the raffle reward. The reward is announced after confirming it with the CM. Limitations to all prizes may apply.

    Update: Not enough entries to raffle so only prizes are sent!

    Note: First person to send in the correct order of names with the map/coordinates (first mail) AND the killer’s name (second mail) will win a separate prize!


  • The day has come and all seems in order. Mika thinks he should have his best friend double check to see how he’s done with preparations. Mel has a developed sartorial sense and can ALWAYS tell the difference between a cheap dress from an expensive one. She would be the first to spend large amounts of time picking an out outfit for the occasion. The sheer audacity! Mika has half a mind to go drag her from her admirers and bring her to help with the last of the festivities. Mika decides to go get Mel first.

    Where is Mel? (Map | Coordinates )

    Mika has spent the night thinking of who, in such iniquity, could have done such a thing to Mel. He decides to meet the one person he believes could remain in a tenable position to find the murderer. Nyx has always been quite studious and is frequently seen beneath a tree indulged in reading. It's no wonder the book merchants never go out of business. Her sapience and developed LOGICAL reasoning skills is just what Mika needs to confer with.

    Where is Nyx? - Map (Coordinates)

    What INSCRUTABLE circumstances! Mika must seek out Dark before he hears the news of his beloved from anyone else. Dark is known as a skilled aggregator who tends to find adroit ways to solve problems. He is recruited to tend to most of the technical issues plaguing the community. This is surely why he was sent off to fix the military fortress's main security system. Despite his busy schedule, Mika finds he must give him the unfortunate news.

    Where is Dark? - Map (Coordinates)

    It seems Mika is in desperate need of an adult. Who could be the first adult attentive enough to help him? Parex, of course! Parex and Mika have conversed many times under agreeable terms. However, Parex was always thought to be something of a dipsomaniac. It's no question why he arrives at work on Monday in such a KOOKIE, good mood. Perhaps he is mixed in contention with the giants once again over who emptied the beer keg rather quickly.

    Where is Parex? - Map (Coordinates)

    Mika is beginning to believe his sanity is now immuring itself beyond reasonable doubt. He must find another adult. Mika thinks of Saya, but ABJURES the thought of finding more piles of bones. Saya is simply just the sweetest and she has always been a delight to speak to. Mika vaguely remembers she would go pick some mushrooms in the forest to bring as treats for the party. If the killer hasn’t gotten to Saya first then the wolves surely will. Mika rushes to go find Saya.

    Where is Saya? - Map (Coordinates)

    This is now becoming a recurring nightmare. Mika feels like has has met an impasse. He is overcome with grief and wonders if any of his friends actually remain. He then REMEMBERS Cucudrula, a woman of great pulchritude and wit. She surely must know who is behind all these dreadful murders. Mika remembers she was helping the local farmers with stopping the outbreak from heading south and reaching Kaslow. He rushes to find his last friend.

    Where is Cucudrula? - Map (Coordinates)


    • None of the victims have committed a murder. The murderer's name is not mentioned directly, but it is in the story.
    • The name of the NPC you're looking for is not the same as the name of any NPCs on any of the maps in Saphael (even if the NPC model is the same).
    • If you are having trouble finding Mel think of why I mentioned sartorial sense, picking an outfit and her admirers (i.e., what event does she host?), and what would ruin her outfit the most?
    • All hints are in the story, including the location for all the bodies.