Explanation regarding C.O.D. for Gold and Items!!

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  • Dear Sprite Messengers,

    If you have the habit to trade large amount of Gold or valuable Items by ingame Mailbox, please read carefully!!

    Find below the explanation of the Mailbox System based on a possible in-game interaction:

    [Two characters interact, “Char A" and "Char B"]

    1- Char A sends an item or Gold to Char B’s Mailbox.

    2- Char B must collect the item/gold within 3 days or the mail is returned to the sender.

    In our example: Char B does NOT collect the item/gold before the deadline expires.

    3- The automatic system takes effect and the mail containing the item/gold is sent back to the sender, Char A.

    4- Now, Char A has a period of 10 days to collect his item/gold in his bag.

    5- If Char A does NOT collect the mail content before the deadline of 10 days expires, the mail is irrevocably destroyed with its content!!


    Find below the tricky mailbox' system points:

    !!ATTENTION #1!! - If you open/read a mail and then don’t collect its content, this content will still be destroyed 3 days later without any further notification!!


    !!ATTENTION #2!! - If Char A sends a mail containing an item or Gold on a Saturday, the Char B is advised to collect the Gold before the regular Tuesday Maintenance beings, which is currently 3.30 AM server time.

    There is a given risk that the acceptance deadline (see step 2) expires during a maintenance, whereupon the mail and its content will be destroyed. Don’t forget, especially a patch maintenance can take up to 4 hours and unscheduled maintenances can also occur.

    In other words, always try to collect a mail's content as soon as possible, especially when when or there is a chance that the 3 days deadline will expire on Maintenance day.

    Currently, our maintenances are scheduled for Tuesday morning, but this can change. As the system depends on a time frame, it still applies if a maintenance is performed on another day.


    !!ATTENTION #3!! As this time-frame send-out is part of the game trading system of the game, we cannot bring any modification to it.

    We took the decision to refuse any kind of C.O.D. deletion's issue as after many logs' researches we always came back to the same conclusion: the item has been deleted by one of the user, or the item was deleted by the system during the maintenance time.


    /!\ Therefore, we kindly remind you that your items and Gold as well as any in-game transactions, including mail trade, are your own responsibility. So please make sure to read and take all the 3 ATTENTIONS points in consideration before creating any new C.O.D. /!\

    Thanks for your understanding.

    Kind regards,

    - Your Grand Fantasia Team