Event Suggestion: Radio Alchemy

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  • Hei guys!

    I dont know if you are aware of this, but in the Italian server, with the help of our beloved [GM]Morgoth ,we had an event called Radio Alchimia (Radio Alchemy). It consists in an 1 hour long event where [GM] gets a lot of whispers with the name of 1 item. A small part of those said items will be put into M alchemy for 5 mins (and will be randomly chosen between all the whispers) . After 5 mins the table changes again: other whispered items will be placed into the alchemy right away.

    I can understand that, in our server, doing that might be impossible since we have far more players than the italian one. Despite that, i though a cool solution to bring this event in our server anyway:

    - create a channel in discord where, 1 week before the event, people are allowed to write ONLY 1 items and write ONLY 1 message (put some spam-limit code into said channel, something that allows people to write there only once every 10 days. This way everyone will have an equal chance to get their item into the event)

    - the CM will read the request and, by using a randomizer (Random.org?), he will sort out a list of items. The first 30 items will be placed in the alchemy, among 10 junky-items that will fill the remaining space in order not to lower a bit the chance of getting the best stuff. And so on: every 5 minutes, the next 30 items on the randomized list will be placed in the alchemy

    - here: the amazing event

    Give also some feedback about that c.c

  • There’s a way to get this idea to work.

    1) Two lines of the table (vertical) are auto suggested items that consist of mallets, mclay quantities, extremes, blessed alchemy clovers, Malch peices in quantities that make the table viable for Aeria also.

    2) Items from the list are selected as appropriate for the table rather than randomly. This would allow for weekly themes while still having diversity of player input.

    >as requested by op to be posted here