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  • DISCLAIMER: I am no longer member of this guild. However, i still respect them and enjoyed the experience i have had in the guild, for those reasons i am leaving this recruitement up to help them.

    Hello fellow players !


    Is recruiting !

    <LastDefense> Is a Level 8 Guild that focuses on a friendly-family ambiance, respect and helping eachother.

    What we currently do/offer:

    • Different Events / Parties, For Holidays, Birthdays, and just for fun !
    • Drama-free and respectful community where we are all familly
    • Help with your Grand Fantasia journey
    • A Discord server to talk outside of the game

    What we do not do/offer:

    LastDefense does not focus on GVG or VFS. Instead of being like every other guild that is PVP-driven, we decided to focus

    on helping eachother and be a family, rather than a clan.

    Our Guild recruits every level or class, new or old players, because everyone has a place in our family.

    Don't just take my word for it, here are some messages from other guild members that i have compiled:

    David, Guard Puppy wrote:

    Join and I, David, will embrace you tight to my holy armor and will never again know dread or fear, for I am your shield.

    SolMortem, World Breaker wrote:

    The guild has a lot of diverse, kind and friendly players open to talk or help.

    [GS]Rikka, Queen's Guard wrote:

    Family guild, great fun. Don't cause drama if you do you will be warned if it continues feel the boot.

    Metallium, New Player wrote:

    It doesn't matter if you're an old player or a new one, rich or not. There's always help at LastDefense

    If you are interested in joining the guild Message one of these lovely people on discord or in game! :

    Tsuki#9563 / [GS]Tsuki or Tsukimarou - Queen/Guild Leader

    [GS]Rikka#6343 / [GS]Rikka - Queen's Guard

    レノレノイん#9999 / Lilithh - Queen's Guard


    Lacie Baskerville wrote:

    " I have seen this world from every possible angle, this cruel, ridiculous, beautiful world."


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