Create the Thief or Trickster class

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  • I would love to see GF have a thief or trickster who uses claws as weapons.They have a thief on EE and I think there is a rogue on AK.I play another game that has a trickster that can either use claws or dual swords. And I know that the archer can use two swords. I would love to have a thief or trickster or Joker even in GF.^^

  • Hello Jell-o

    First of all i want to thank you for your wonderful ideas :) Its always a pleasure to read all of your ideas and imagine them.

    I will give your idea to the team but we aren't the one that vote or implement them.

    A few years ago, i've imagined an acrobat with a few people on the FR forum.

    We've created the skills, and we imagined them fighting... It was quite fun.

    If the idea pleases you, You can send me a message on my wall and we will imagine your dreamclass together.

    Lots of love your way


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