Time Travler or Chronodrifter?

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  • I am trying to decide between Time Traveler or Chronodrifter but I cannot find which class specializes in which? I remember when I created my account the thing to the right explained what each was but nowhere on your site nor Wiki is there any definition whatsoever of the class differences? Can someone please explain that to me or send me a link that I can follow?

  • I assume by Time Traveler you mean Void Walker (the name used when class upgrading).

    Void Walker is mainly focused on close-ranged DPS; almost all its skills are purely damage-based and they're made to dish out as much damage as possible. Its talents and masteries are more biased towards tanking magic rather than physical.

    Chronodrifter is a ranged-support class; its skills are made to support their teammates by increasing their damage, reducing cooldown time, etc. They also have skills that are made to annoy or disrupt the opponent (sealing, stalling, stunning, etc); although not at the level of a Shinigami, they're still reasonably annoying skills. Chronodrifter talents and masteries are more biased towards tanking physical.

    I hope this simple summary helps!