[Guide] The Spring of Assistant Wanke!

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  • Im not sure if this one is a seasonal event too, but here I'm. This event can be found in Jale with Hawk (omg this guy again?!) and have two parts. When you accept L15. Players in the Game (REP) you get the "Player Admission Certificate" buff.



    With this buff you can go to the "Science Competition Venue" through NPC Jale's Chief Inventor Ptolemy (beside Hawk).


    AJybD9nm.jpg?1Right in the place you spawn you have NPC Hawk. You select "Let me handle the robot!" and you can "control" a robot. With this robot you have to defeat the "Golden Lightyear" contestant.

    Ak0GrFX.jpg?1You have two skill as a robot:

    1. Galaxy Steel Fist.

    2. Exploding Meteor Fist.

    1 Attack, 2 Disable boss armor buff. If the boss have the armor buff on you do nothing to him. Also the cast of both skills is really slow.

    When you win you get the buff required to complete the quest and you going to be teleported back to Jale. "I protect the universal peace!" buff allow you to take the quest "L15. Falling in love with Your Assistant? (REP)"


    This quest give you two items. You dont have to think on them now.

    2BuZETpm.jpg?1The first thing you have to do is look NPC Ethen (123, 283) and choose the last option: "Hawk wants me to find out who the paper towel belongs to." he tell you some stuff and with the buff "Already Asked Ethen" you can go to Ledisia to do the same.



    After you have the "Already Asked Ledisia" buff you can go to NPC Cathy, the last one in te rute.

    RgreFEB.jpg?1And select both options. First "Is this Cartoon Patterned Paper Towel yours?" and then "My brother Hawk wants to be your penpal.". And you can go back to Hawk and complete.

    The quest give you the "Bittersweet puppy love" buff.


    And that's all for this quest.