Dear Parex... [Love Parex 2019 Event]

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  • <3Hello Everyone !<3

    This is my ''poem'' for the Love Parex event !

    i spent way too much time on this so i wanted to share it here ||

    SO, i wanted to sing my poem and be original, also cuz i'm bad at poems, so here we go.

    Trainwreck !


    Dear Parex, Please excuse my singing,
    I can't farm cuz my head is elsewere
    'Cause i'm cold and alone tonight,
    I Want you, Please show me your powers
    You are the best CM in this world
    You are french, you are cool, i swear

    J'ai une baguette de 20 cm *pun*
    Je veux te la donner
    Elle a été faite ce matin (elle est fraiche)
    [I have a 20 cm baguette,
    I wanna give it to you,
    It is fresh from this morning.]

    Dear Parex, Please excuse my singing,
    I can't farm cuz my head is elsewere
    My sprites are rebels today
    Oh Baby, i may be bad at writing
    But hopefully your heart will be racing
    Can you feel mine beat for you?

    J'espère que t'aimera ma cuisine,
    Que ton coeur va partir en flambette,
    Comme mes clays hier, j'ai essayé -_- (Je vais te donner des pains au bananes !)

    Je t'amenerai a Tokyo,
    T'acheterai des figurines
    Mais j'espere que je serai best waifu

    [I hope you'll like my cooking,
    that your heart will go up in flames,
    like my clays yesterday, i tried -_-

    I'll bring you to Tokyo,
    I'll buy you figurines,
    but hopefully i'll be best waifu.]

    Dear Parex, Please excuse my singing,
    So many people to win over,
    But you are all i see tonight.
    I Need you, your accent got me shaking
    [GS]Yami Got nothing on you
    i will leave him for you, i will.

    Oh i can't wait,
    Thinking of our future date

    I will bring you
    Around all the maps of GF Show you all the waterfalls and the stars
    I will give you my heart tonight


    The song here ! :

    Dear Parex

    The song is in Nightcore cuz i don't like my voice, i'm shy and it's embarassing to post this >///////<


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