I need tips for gunner class

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  • Magic-damage gunner has lost its shine since candy removal and gunner animations update (unless you want to always rely on sprite island transform buff, which isn't consistent). Current gunner meta mostly revolves around ranged auto-attacking (and the triples/doubles that come from it), because gunner skills have an impractically long animation for potentially less damage than auto-attacks (but again, some gunners rely on sprite island transform buff to bypass that).

    I have to say level 80 probably has one of the lowest potential for gunners. Dimensionalists and Gearmasters are very common in 80 at the moment and gunners have no solid method of surviving their PEN damage head on (other than kiting them) because of its reliance on stats rather than other external factors (e.g.: no damage reduction available to gunner except from forced cannon procs) and also no consistent way of locking those classes away from you at a safe distance. You will depend a lot on your team to lock them for you or try to kite them and hope for the best.

    Hope this helps.