The Faerie's Curiosity

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    The world of the faeries is vastly different than the other specie's world in Saphael... At least that's what the faerie queen Fae thinks... Despite her age and her position she is quite naive and curious. Maybe if she found out more about the world of Saphael she would be smarter and wiser?

    "GET YOUR NEWS, GET YOUR NEWS!" The small sprite seemed to be carrying a flier of sorts. You grabbed it into your two hands and looked at it.... The Faerie Queen Fae was asking for help? She had a few questions that she wanted to ask you... Apparently you would be rewarded if you answered them?


    1. Only one character can be present per person

    2. If you get the question wrong, no points will be awarded

    3. To make it fair you only have one shot at answering each question

    4. Players caught cheating will be banned from future events hosted by me!

    5. Cheating includes sharing answers with others, helping in any way

    6. Yell chat must remain clear during the event so [GS]Fae can clearly ask the question

    7. You may only win once, and there will be a total of six winners


    The six players who answer the most amount of questions right will receive x10 M-Alchemy Clays


    This event will be hosted on:

    Sunday, March 31

    Location: Moonlight Forest


    Server time: 19:00

    Channel: US