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  • Hello,
    I wanted to propose a modification of a service in the item shop on the site, namely: "Item Transfer" whose cost is 19999AP.
    In my opinion the price of this object is almost insane since no object, good or bad, in game has this value and therefore makes it really difficult for someone to buy this service at this price.
    If you think about recovering a pg deleted costs 999AP, moving an object from one character to another 19999AP seems to me a really abysmal difference.
    I naturally ask, how many "Item Transfers" have ever been sold in recent years?
    An acceptable price in my opinion would be precisely on the 1000-2000AP also because, if you think about it, with the other "Item Savage Scroll" service that costs 2500AP you are given an object that you have mistakenly destroyed, this object (when it happened to me ) it was returned exchangeable so why should I spend 19999AP when with this method I could do the same thing more or less?
    In the end there are very few objects that you might be interested in requesting an "Item Transfer" for, most things can be stored in the archive.
    So, perhaps, drastically reducing the price (precisely on the 1000AP) would be a more interesting service for the players and maybe more used.